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The Fascination Framework

The Fascination Framework is the greatest presentation framework ever discovered …and it can help you attract more high-quality leads (and more importantly) … help you sell MORE of your products and services. The Fascination Framework gets prospects COMING TO YOU …ready to become clients (or at the very least) …coming to you very, very interested …in becoming your clients.Go here to read more...

How To Sell MORE Using The Irresistible Power of Stories:  After carefully researching and analyzing dozens of individuals and companies who consistently outsell their competition I discovered a hidden blueprint for how to how to sell more online using the irresistible power of stories. This little-known blueprint allows these businesses to sell more of their high-value, high-dollar products and services online (and at a higher price) than all their competitors. Go here to read more...

4 Steps for Creating And Optimizing The Perfect Digital Marketing Campaign

The most important thing about every strategy and tactic you’re using to generate new customers using paid traffic from platforms like Facebook is without question… the OFFER.

How To Create Content That Consistently Generates Online Sales

Before I show you how to create and use content to sell more of your products and services online, I want to give you the strategies for getting your prospects to devour your content …

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Over the last 19 years I’ve generated millions of dollars in sales for myself and my clients by using automation to follow up with people who said “No” to the initial offer.  Here are the strategies I've used to generate record sales from these folks.…


Ken Newhouse is the creator of Progressive Adaptive Response™ which is an automated marketing method that speeds up your sales cycle by customizing your marketing messages based on the specific behavior of each of your prospects on an individual basis. He is is quickly becoming one of the most sought after Direct Response internet marketing consultants and copywriters for small businesses in America.