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  • Obliterates the limits of what’s possible for you
  • Ignites transformation of average to awesome
  • Unequivocally expands your marketing know-how and explodes your client acquisition capabilities
  • Massively impacts the trajectory of your business (and your bank account)

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Ken Newhouse is America's Podcast Monetization Expert, Author of the "Profitable Podcast Blueprint" and host of the "Get Clients Now podcast"

Ken Newhouse is known as America’s foremost podcast monetization expert. Newhouse built his reputation by helping coaches, consultants and professionals bring high-value clients into their businesses. His practical, no-holds-barred approach for building podcasts that function as a Trojan horse for new client acquisition propels his clients towards building tribes of raving fans and achieving massive profitability in their core businesses. 

A 29+ year entrepreneur, Newhouse is the Co-Founder & VP of Marketing at Ken Newhouse & Co., LLC, host of the top-ranked Get Clients Now podcast, author of (most recently) the Profitable Podcast Blueprint; Sales Control and Profitable Again: ULTIMATE Strategies For Generating Even Better Results From Your Marketing And Advertising.

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