Ken Newhouse

Use Storytelling To Make Your Business More Profitable

Use Storytelling To Make Your Business More Profitable By Incorporating It Into Your Communications, Marketing Messaging and Website Story is the most compelling, persuasive and powerful communication/marketing tool known to mankind.  And what’s great about that is you can use storytelling to make your business more profitable. You can use this communication tool called storytelling…

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Digital Marketing Resource List Top 15

The vast majority of digital marketers are struggling in 2016 primarily because of the constant state of flux online.  Below I have provided the Digital Marketing Resource List – 2016’s Top 15 articles, lists, case studies, instructional videos and templates. I created the digital marketing resource list because new social networks are emerging (seemingly) every…

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Fundamentals of a Good Advertisement

Fundamentals of a Good Advertisement – How to Create Campaigns That Increase Sales and Profits In almost every instance of sales that have flat-lined and/or are declining you’ll discover that one or more of the fundamentals of a good advertisement have been ignored, overlooked and/or left out of your ad campaigns. Maybe your ads simply…

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