Episode #4: “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up” - How To Increase Sales By Over 90% By Targeting Prospects Who Say “NO”!

May 22, 2017

In today’s episode …Direct Response Internet Marketing Copywriter and Consultant (and Host of the Get Clients Now Podcast) Ken Newhouse discusses the strategies he's used over the last 19+ years to generate millions of dollars in sales for myself and my clients by using automation to follow up with people who said “No” to the initial offer.


In this episode I'll reveal a half-dozen of these strategies I’ve used to generate record sales from this vast storehouse of individuals who are ready, willing and able to buy tons of your stuff online.

Much of my success has come from the understanding that there are untapped millions which can be mined from the prospects who say “no” to your offers. This show is especially important to you and your ability to uncover (and produce) record levels of profit from your existing leads and customers because I’ve taken the most important follow up strategies and tactics I’ve learned over the last two decades and created a handful of internet-based methods so you can generate record sales of your products and services.

So, if you’re ready to get started… I’m going to show you the framework for transforming all those “no’s” you’ve heard from your prospects and customers into PURE PROFIT.

Whether you’re selling products and services in face-to-face meetings, from the platform, over the phone, on webinars or using sales copy the facts are clear: 95-98% of your prospects are going to say “no” the first several times you present an offer to them.

You’re selling amazing stuff that genuinely helps your ideal prospects achieve their goals… you’re selling your stuff at a price that screams value and yet, most folks are simply telling you, “No.”And if you'd like to know "why" they do ...and how to turn their "No's" into sales ...you're gonna love this special training on Get Clients Now.


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