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When you listen to the Get Clients Now podcast, you’ll discover that transforming your business is about ONE BIG THING.  And it’s not about the next shiny object or the newest internet marketing guru. It’s about how you can discover ONE BIG THING that can help you get more clients and make more sales.

Before hosting the Get Clients Now podcast, Ken Newhouse owned and operated multiple chiropractic practices.  Newhouse eventually became one of the most profitable and successful Chiropractors in the United States.   Unfortunately, his career came to a grinding halt   suddenly and without warning as the result of being hit “head on” by a 20-ton dump truck while driving his Jeep Cherokee.

And as a result of being in a medically-induced coma for several days (to reduce brain swelling) and after 18 surgeries, Newhouse made the painful decision to retire from private practice.

Thankfully, his story doesn’t end there.  Chiropractic was no longer an option, but sharing his vast knowledge and experience in direct marketing, persuasive communication, and sales with others become his passion.  Since 2002 he has worked with and coached hundreds of Dentists, Chiropractors, consultants, coaches, Medical Doctors and a variety of professional service providers get more clients and make their businesses more profitable.

Newhouse launched the Get Clients Now podcast four years ago with a desire to help others become more successful.  With over 400 episodes on iTunes, Newhouse has interviewed dozens of the world’s leading experts and his show is known for delivering some of the highest quality content in his niche.

Take Me To Recent Episodes of the Podcast 

Ken's Jeep Cherokee "After" the Head-On Collision with a Dump Truck

Ken Newhouse was struck head on by a fully loaded dump truck while driving his Jeep Cherokee

While injury prevented Ken Newhouse from practicing, he refused to sit on the sidelines and coast into an early retirement. Using the marketing and copywriting know how he developed while in practice… Newhouse began advising entrepreneurs in 2002.  And he helped build high-six and seven-figure businesses.

After writing three books:

  1. Profitable Podcast Blueprint
  2. How To Make Your Business Profitable Again
  3. Sales Control: The 1-Page Brand Marketing Plan For Creating A Tribe Of Ravenous Clients, Repeat Buyers And Raving Fans

Newhouse started podcasting in 2017 and after eleven months of hard work and struggle … he stumbled onto what has become one of the most effective methods for monetizing a podcast ever discovered … the Profitable Podcast Blueprint.  Newhouse invested the next three years honing and perfecting this framework which has led to the following successes with Get Clients Now:

  • Over 150,000 downloads in 2020 (in spite of the NEW Covid Economy!)
  • An average (initial) transaction of $34,211 for clients brought into his core business from the show.

The Get Clients Now Podcast is for serious, growth-minded entrepreneurs who want to learn how today’s top business minds Act, Achieve and Win.

Newhouse interviews industry-leaders, bestselling authors and (high-six and seven-figure) Clients, focusing on hot topics you can use to get more clients and make more sales.

So, if you want to become the most respected, most in-demand, most sought-after brand, individual or thought-leader in the marketplace … Ken Newhouse and the Get Clients Now podcast can help you get there. 

Take Me To Recent Episodes of the Podcast 

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Launched in 2017, Ken Newhouse has interviewed over 300 elite entrepreneurs including Bob Burg, Dr. Jonah Berger, Joe Pulizzi, David Meerman Scott, Alan Weiss, Mike Weinberg and Deb Calvert.

With tens-of-thousands of monthly listens, Get Clients Now provides a massive stage for Entrepreneurs wanting to share their message, mission and voice with the world.

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Take Me To Recent Episodes of the Podcast  

Listen To Episode #375: Mike Capuzzi shows you how short, helpful books (Shooks) can transform your marketing and become your most-effective client attraction tool during the Covid19 crisis. Shooks grab the attention of your perfect prospects and focuses it on you and your message.

Listen To Episode #374: Conscious Millionaire JV Crum III reveals the secret goal setting formula he used to sell over 50,000 copies of his book; generate over 12 million downloads of his podcasts and make his business more profitable in the heart of the Covid19 crisis.

Listen To Episode #373: Get Clients Now podcast host Ken Newhouse Reveals The Ultimate Guide For Winning Virtual Sales Presentations – The R.I.S.E Framework. The virtual selling system that works EVEN BETTER in a bad economy.

Listen To Episode #372: FINALLY! You can end the frustration and start using content marketing to consistently attract qualified prospects into your business. Former manager of the blog and author Pamela Wilson reveals her revenue-generating masterpiece!

Listen To Episode #371: Sales Strategies That Work In Even Better In A Bad Economy with Bestselling Author and Leading Sales Training Expert Carson V. Heady

Listen To Episode #370: David Power reveals the Entrepreneur’s Audio & Video Guide so you can look and sound like a pro in your virtual meetings, close more deals and make more sales.

Listen To Episode #369: Could A NEW Content Marketing System Created by Pamela Wilson the Former Editor of Copyblogger Really Be This Effective and Work This Fast?

Listen To Episode #368 - Carmine Gallo, author of “Talk Like Ted” and “Five Stars” reveals the communication secrets to get from good to great that will help you stand out in the marketplace, get clients now and make your business more profitable

Listen To Episode #367 - Bob Burg, author of The Go Giver and Go Giver Influencer reveals how to rise above the competition and sell more in troubled times. These include his most-effective methods for improving brand recognition and increasing your credibility and trust in the marketplace.

#366 - Jonah Berger, PhD and bestselling author of the book “Catalyst” reveals 6-steps for getting anyone to do anything you want. In the interview, Berger makes a shocking confession: “I was the least persuasive person I knew, until I discovered 6-steps for getting anyone to do anything you want. #4 is my favorite and #6 (Which we’ll cover today) was too controversial to use in the book!”

#365 - A service provider’s guide for “How to Do Influencer Marketing the Right Way.” Cloris Kylie, author of “Beyond Influencer Marketing” and host of the top-ranked podcast by the same name reveals a powerful method you can use to get clients now.

#364 - Discover how to make money with your podcast with David Hooper. Hooper is the host of two #1-Rated podcasts and the bestselling author of “Big Podcast.” If you want to grow and monetize your podcast, you’re absolutely gonna love today’s episode.

#363 - David Meerman Scott, social media marketing genius and author of “Fanocracy” reveals the SECRET for creating a massive tribe of raving fan customers. The blueprint for creating a profitable business and the freedom to live the ultimate lifestyle.

#362: Social media marketing expert Mitch Jackson reveals the social media strategies he used to go from practicing law from the trunk of his car to becoming one of America’s leading trial attorneys

#361: Discover why your small business website sucks. Conversion copywriter Amy Remark reveals why your website isn’t converting traffic into sales and five quick tweaks to fix it

#360: The Godfather of podcasting and livestreaming Tee Morris reveals how small businesses can leverage podcasting and livestreaming as the one-two punch to catapult themselves to the top of their respective markets!

359: Robert Cialdini Method Certified Trainer Brian Ahearn, author of “Influence People” reveals how to be more persuasive and influential during the Covid-19 Crisis. Proven scientific principle to help you get more clients and make more sales right now.

358: Host Ken Newhouse and guest Paige Mead, CEO of Paige Mead Recruiting and author of “The Chocolate Room” discuss why NOW (on the back side of the Covid-19 crisis) is a great time to consider a career or business selling products & services to Dentists

357: Bestselling Author Mike Weinberg Shares Sales Strategies That Are Helping Users Drive Sales and Increase Profits During The Coronavirus Pandemic.

356: So You Want To Start A Podcast? Podcast Legend (Host of FIVE Top-Ranked Podcasts) and Bestselling Author Kristen Meinzer Brings You Behind The Curtain and Shows You How Its Done.

355: REVEALED! How To Use Metaphors To Drive Sales. The World’s Leading Communications and Presentation Expert Anne Miller Unveils Powerful Words That Sell

354: Storymonials are created using cognitive neuroscience, behavioral economics, storytelling and subliminal sales strategies to get clients to do the selling for you. Ken Newhouse reveals how to create and deploy these NEW and effective social proof selling video testimonials

353: Gleb Tsipursky, PhD and bestselling author of Never Go With Your Gut Reveals A Decision-Making Process for Leading Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis