Who Is Ken Newhouse? A List Of The Most Well-Known Men With This Name


KEN NEWHOUSE is a serial entrepreneur who has started, bought, built, and sold businesses of varied types and sizes. He is an in-demand and outrageously well-paid direct-marketing consultant, direct-and response copywriter, coach to high-six and seven-figure entrepreneurs, podcast host, professional speaker, author, bow hunter and professional fisherman.

Ken is the author of multiple books, including: “Profitable Again: ULTIMATE Strategies For Getting Even Better Results From Your Marketing and Advertising (2017); and “Sales Control: The 1-Page Brand Marketing Plan for Creating A Tribe Of Ravenous Clients, Repeat Buyers and Raving Fans.”

Ken is also creator and host of the top-ranked Get Clients Now podcast, a show with approximately 100,000 Members of the Get Clients Now Nation … (and growing rapidly).

He lives with his wife (the Beautiful and Talented Lisa) on a 300 acre ranch in an undisclosed location 10 miles west of Wildwood, Missouri. He welcomes your comments and can be reached directly only by using the contact form (below) or by mail at Ken Newhouse & Co. LLC., 55 Waterside Dr. Suite F, Grover, Missouri 63040.

THIS HAPPENED TO ME: The Unlikely Story of How Ken Newhouse Became A Highly Sought-After, In-Demand Direct Marketing Consultant and Copywriter.

This happened to me - The story of how Ken Newhouse survived being hit by a dump truck and went on to become one of the most sough-after direct marketers today

The Jeep Cherokee Ken was driving when hit “head-on” by a dump truck.  Ken was trapped in his vehicle for almost 90-minutes before being flown by helicopter to the E.R.

The left front wheel was under and behind the driver’s seat before the vehicle was pulled apart by two semi-tow trucks.  This was the only way to extract Ken.

THE ACCIDENT: Ken was a practicing chiropractor for approximately 16 years, but after being involved in a head-on car accident with a dump truck (and nearly dying) his injuries forced him into early retirement. Prior to the accident, in 1994, Ken had purchased a house and two chiropractic practices from Dr. and Mrs. Kesslinger in the small towns of Steelville and Viburnum Missouri.

The Steelville practice was up, running and seeing patients, but the practice in Viburnum had not been active for several years. Ken stepped into the Steelville practice and over the coming months, oversaw the rebuild and remodeling of the Viburnum practice.

The drive from his home in Viburnum to the office in Steelville was 28 miles. The roads were two lanes (one in each direction) and very curvy and hilly as they traversed Missouri’s largest hills. The drive would normally have taken 30-35 minutes each way, but not long after arriving in Viburnum the State of Missouri began a road resurfacing project along the route to Steelville.

Construction was ongoing and the site of road repaving moved daily as repairs were made and the road resurfaced. Ken continued driving to his Steelville office (and home again) without incident … other than the hassle of having to wait from time to time for two months.

On the day of the Viburnum office’s Grand Re-Opening, an event attended by hundreds of people in this local community (including the mayor, chief of police and fire chief), Ken had driven to the Steelville office to treat one patient… an 81-year-old woman by the name of Mrs. Ardell Evans of Steelville.

After his visit with Mrs. Evans, Ken started the 28-mile drive back to Viburnum where he lived and for the Grand Re-Opening Even scheduled for 1:00 p.m. later that day. When he got to within 3-miles of Viburnum’s city limit, he was stopped by the construction crew.

After waiting approximately 10-minutes, Ken was waived through the construction site. Ken made it less-than 300 yards and as he rounded a right hand turn, he was struck head on by an over-sized dump truck loaded with 30 tons of steaming asphalt.

The impact was so severe, that the driver of the dump truck suffered a (non-life-threatening) broken neck. Ken’s injuries were much, much worse. It took fireman from three different locations 83 minutes to extract Ken from his vehicle. His injuries were so severe that he had to have blood transfusions while trapped in his vehicle.

Once his body was freed from the wreckage, he was flown by Arch Helicopter to St. Louis University Medical center where he was placed in a medically-induced coma for nine days. Ken underwent a total of 18 surgeries from the accident over the coming decade.

NOTE: Over 100 people had arrived at the Viburnum office (including a report from the Cuba Free Press and a report from the Steelville Star) and were awaiting his arrival. The crowd become aware of the accident when the fire chief was notified of an accident just outside the city limits. The original caller said that a man was hit by a dump truck and that “if he’s not dead already, he will.”

Now, let’s get to the exciting (and relevant) part of the story of how Ken Newhouse became one of the most-sought-after, most in-demand and one of the highest-paid direct marketers in the Midwest.

Ken’s injuries were so severe that he was unable to return to practice for almost a year. In addition to his physical injuries, Ken and his wife were facing financial devastation. The practice in Steelville had been growing, and while it wasn’t a huge practice (as compared to what he would eventually build) … he was seeing approximately 125 patients per week.

The practice came to a dead halt, and Ken’s brother-in-law (Dr. Larry Ward), a chiropractor in Oklahoma offered to come work in his practice two days per week. But, before he arrived something treacherous happened. Three weeks after the accident, the wife of the doctor who had sold Ken their house and two clinics, wrote (and mailed) a letter to all the patients in Steelville telling them:

“Jack and I just visited Ken and his wife at the hospital. Ken isn’t going to make it and if he does, he’ll never practice again. He was adamant that I write a letter to you and let you know that whether he survives this or not … it is his (dying) wish that you drive 25 miles to our new clinic in Rolla, Missouri and see Dr. Jack. 

Dr. Jack has agreed to do this for Dr. Newhouse. Attached to this letter, I have included a $50 coupon which you can apply towards care in our office. The coupon expires 30-days from now, so call the office and get your appointment scheduled.
This is what Dr. Newhouse wanted for you.

For Your Best Health;

Virginia Kesslinger”


Dr. Kesslinger and his wife NEVER visited Ken in the hospital. This letter was a dirty, no-good, underhanded attempt to steal patients (which they did.) When Ken and his wife initially purchased the house and two clinics he had signed a 30-mile “non-compete” with the Kesslinger’s. This letter was a complete fraud and it almost destroyed Ken financially.

At the time, he only knew how to be a great chiropractor … and didn’t know the first thing about marketing or advertising. Both of his practices sat empty … while his monthly mortgage and payments for the practices kept coming.

Money kept going out, and his savings got smaller and smaller and smaller. Ken read books on advertising, marketing and persuasion. He paid for training course after training course and it was all (literal) garbage.

Eventually, he was able to return to practice albeit part time (one day per week). He tried everything he could think of to get patients into his practice, and none of the strategies in these courses worked.

He paid for a huge Yellow Pages ad, coupon mailers and ads in the newspapers … because the people selling these things promised him “this will fill your office with new patients.”

Lies, lies, lies! All of it lies. None of these things worked.  Eventually, he found a book written by Mean ‘Ole Dan Kennedy. It was titled: “The ULTIMATE Marketing Plan.” 

Ken read the book and then re-read it … three times. He was so excited about what he read, that he registered for one of Kennedy’s seminars. Six weeks later, still on crutches, he hobbled into the hotel in Phoenix.

Ken recognized immediately that what DK was teaching, was exactly what he needed to rebuild his practices and get his life back. But there was a problem. Ken was almost out of money. His savings depleted; he was forced to go to his (now deceased) father-in-law … Joe the German.

Joe was a multi-millionaire who had come to the United States at age 17 with $100 to his name. By the time he was 31, Joe was a millionaire. Joe had learned how to market from a man named Clayton Makepeace. Makepeace is one of the greatest direct marketing copywriters of all time.

Joe loaned Ken $50,000 to pay for consulting with Dan, and to help cover the costs of marketing, advertising and overhead. Over time, Ken learned how to create powerful ads and marketing campaigns and eventually he was able to return to practice.

By the time the injuries from the dump truck accident finally forced him into retirement, Ken had built six clinics, employed dozens of individuals including associate doctors, radiographic techs, office managers, chiropractic assistants and a marketing team.


After getting taken advantage of by the dishonest couple that sold him their house and two clinics and after wasting thousands and thousands of dollars of his hard-earned money on marketing and advertising courses that did not work … Ken made a promise to himself.

He promised himself that he would become a master marketer, and that he would dedicate himself to helping others so they would never have to go through what he did. He would create marketing materials and trainings that would prevent people from becoming advertising victims like he had been.

Ken began coaching others and creating marketing (for chiropractors and dentists) 21 years ago. And while he works with a limited and very select group of clients now, his dedication to creating effective, powerful marketing strategies that almost always generate a huge ROI for his clients, his dedication and commitment have remained constant.