Notable Strategies for Small Business Marketing Success

Newhouse Notable #2 Notable Strategies for Small Business Marketing Success

Notable Strategies for Small Business Marketing Success (A Fresh Serving of Notables)

Dear Small Business Owner & Marketing Warrior:

Claude Hopkins, the Aristotle of Advertising, once said: “Advertising is much like war, minus the venom….We are usually out to capture others’ citadels or garner others’ trade….We must have training and experience, and also powerful marketing weapons… and we must have an abundance of (the right) ammunition.”

Having The “Right” Ammunition… Notable Strategies for Small Business Marketing Success

If you want to become an advertising and marketing sniper, you’ll need acquire the notable strategies for small business marketing success which includes having best tools and the most powerful ammo you can get your hands on… which is why I have created a custom-made arsenal for you here. 

But before I get to today’s Notable I wanted to tell you about future Notable Strategies for Small Business Marketing Success (Bombshells if you will) that are scheduled for release over the next few weeks. 

Here’s what’s coming for you:

  • The Two Most Powerful Words in Advertising and Marketing. (Contrary to what you may be thinking… they are not “new” and “free” nor any other two words you’d ever guess.) 
  • The Most Important Marketing Question: Ask this simple 6-word question, then stand back and watch (in awe) as you achieve breakthrough after breakthrough—explosive response—and sales that erupt like never before. 
  • Instantly Multiply Your Creativity and Advertising Effectiveness 10-X with this 7-Letter Word. (Not 9-fold. Not 11-fold, but exactly 10-fold, as you’ll see.)

Applying Pareto's Principles to your small business advertising and marketing strategies copy

Applying the Pareto Principle to Transform Your Advertising and Achieve Small Business Marketing Success

Perry Marshall wrote a great book titled “80/20 Sales and Marketing… the Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More”.  The book is a worthy investment of your money and more importantly, your time (to study it). 

I am a strong supporter of Pareto’s 80/20 Principle, otherwise known as the rule of the vital few and the trivial many. In any human activity, just a small group of factors is responsible for the lion’s share of success.

As an example consider the fact that just 20% of internet marketing experts today sell 80% of the online products. Only 20% of us who are copywriting professionals are responsible for 80% of products and services being sold for business owners… just 20% of business websites attract 80% of the online sales… 20% of the digital marketing companies produce 80% of the social media marketing online… and a mere 20% of your daily activities generate 80% of your success and income.

The Pareto Principal also applies to the factors governing how successful your advertising and marketing campaigns will be as well. What’s the lesson here?  Simple…

To transform your ad writing skills and marketing know-how so that you don’t need to hire me or another top-copywriter you don’t need to master scores of rules and learn hundreds of secrets.

By learning, understanding and applying only a few direct response marketing secrets — the right few — you can begin to generate outrageous success for your business. That’s my purpose for publishing the Notables.

I refuse to publish mediocre information which will be read and soon forgotten. I’m giving you my word (in writing) that every Notable I publish will be nothing-less than a polished marketing gem.

I won’t be publishing a lot of my Notables… because “more” isn’t necessarily “better”. You don’t need more. What you do need is to learn these few Notables well.

I’ll make you a promise (again – in writing) – If you will invest a worth amount of time to read, study and apply the handful of Notables I give you over and over, your company may well become a giant in your industry (assuming that your products and services are top-notch).

You will grow richer than you ever would otherwise. And you will be happy, because achievement is one of the keys to happiness. In short, you will succeed by mastering the vital few, while others squander their time on the trivial many. To discover these vital few, I want to encourage you to visit my blog often where you’ll find nothing short of “A $10,000.00 Marketing and Copywriting Seminar in Every Issue”. 

Dedicated to Multiplying Your Sales and Profits…

Ken Newhouse