348: Discover How To Create Instant Influence with Host Ken Newhouse and Lisa Cron Bestselling Author of Story Genius


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Listen To Episode #348 of the Get Clients Now Podcast and Discover How To Create Instant Influence and Trust with Social Proof, Brain Science and Story:

Businesses That Recover Fast From The Coronavirus Shutdown Will Do So By Earning Trust In The Marketplace. Discover How To Create Instant Influence & Trust Using Social Proof, Brain Science & Story with Lisa Cron Bestselling Author of Story Genius

Businesses That Recover Fast From The Coronavirus Shutdown Will Do So By Earning Trust In The Marketplace. Discover How To Create Instant Influence & Trust Using Social Proof, Brain Science & Story with Lisa Cron Bestselling Author of Story Genius

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NOTE:  Discover how to create instant influence through story by downloading the episode’s transcript (PDF) below.  Also, be sure to check out Lisa Cron’s website, her training programs and her bestselling books at the bottom of this page!

Discover how to create instant influence and build trust in the episode transcript below

Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody!  This is your host Ken Newhouse and I want to welcome you to episode #348 of the Get Clients Now podcast.

On today’s episode I’m speaking with Lisa Cron,  bestselling author of multiple books which include Wired for Story and Story Genius, a book that teaches you how to craft and tell magnetic … riveting stories so you can create instant influence and sell a lot more of your stuff.

Learning how to tell stories in your sales and marketing … ACTUALLY in all areas of your business has become more important than ever.  Especially if we need to create instant influence and build trust. 

Storytelling as a skill for use in business, specifically in marketing and in sales.  It has been one of the hottest topics being talked about online for people looking to create instant influence.  A trend that started all the way back to right around Christmas last year.

Now, before we welcome Lisa in on the show I want to make a very, very important announcement.  After that announcement, I want to respond to a great question that was submitted from one of the shows’ fans.  A question from someone who’s been a subscriber and member of the Get Clients Now Nation for four months now.  We’ll then dive into the interview with Lisa where you’ll learn how to create instant influence and build trust through storytelling. 

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Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions: A Question Submitted by Andy Young On How To Create Instant Influence with His Tribe and In the Marketplace

You can access the FREE Training videos by going here.  As I mentioned a moment ago, this new training contains some of my best material.  So, if you’re looking to create instant influence and build trust in the marketplace you’re gonna love this training.

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OK, now I want to respond to the question I got from Andy Young this week. Andy’s been a subscriber to the show I think he said for about four months now … and here’s his question:

Over the last couple of weeks you’ve been telling us to increase the amount of touch points we have with our clients and people in the marketplace. You mentioned that we shouldn’t be hard-selling right now.  And in light of everything that’s going on that makes a lot of sense.

When I write emails, blog posts or create videos, are there any steps I can take to be create instant influence?  So I can be viewed or “perceived” as a person of influence? I want my clients, prospects and people in the marketplace to “look to me” for guidance.  I want them to see me I guess you could say as their “leader.” 

Is there a certain process I can use in my written and video communications to become more influential.  Where I can create instant influence with my tribe and in the marketplace?

There are five pillars you can use in your written and video communications to increase your status and influence in the marketplace

That’s a great question about how to create instant influence, trust and status Andy!  Thanks for submitting it.  I’ll answer it in just a second but let me say this first. 

We’re getting a lot of positive feedback from me answering these email questions on the show.   And even though it’s creating a lot of extra work for me I’ve decided to run a test. 

You guys keep sending your questions via email to customerservice@kennewhouse.com.  When you do that I’ll answer the most relevant one each week on the show.  You guys have been really good about submitting questions to us based on what you’re hearing on the show and this one on how to create instant influence is no exception.   

So,  by all means keep the questions and the suggestions for show topics coming. I appreciate the feedback.

OK … let’s dive into the answer to Andy’s question. If you want to gain MAXIMUM Influence with your tribe there are essentials to doing that.  Four pillars you can use to create instant influence.

I’ll run through them now, and for the sake of time I’ll be brief.  After all I’ve got one of the world’s leading authorities (Lisa Cron) waiting in the Green Room.  Lisa is one of the leading experts on:

  • How to craft compelling, magnetic, powerful stories
  • And how to create instant influence and trust using story
  • So you can use to stand out in the marketplace and sell more of your stuff. 

Is there a certain process I can use in my written and video communications to become more influential?

1. Fascination
Fascination is something that goes far beyond interest. Your prospects need to be fascinated with you. When I talk of fascination, think of characters from your favorite fiction novels.

As an example, Lee Child’s character “Jack Reacher” has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to pre-order his books after announcing their coming release. People can’t wait to find out what this character does next. Your marketing can do this when you deploy the Sales Control methodology I teach.

2. Shared Common Values With You
You’re fighting an uphill battle if you’re attempting to create instant influence people who have dramatically different values.

Look at the Presidential election that’s coming up later this year. No matter how obvious it is that Donald Trump is the best, most-qualified person to run the country … millions of people will be voting for Joe Biden because of the values they hold.

So, as it relates to the marketplace you’re working in, realize this:

Your marketing NOT Appeal to those who have dramatically different values than yours, but it should REPEL them by design. Listen carefully to what I’m saying here about the people you try to create instant influence with.

You want to repel the people who because of their values would NEVER become your client.  Or if they did they would be like “the worst nightmare you can imagine” to deal with.  Well, you want to repel those people. On the other hand, what I am NOT saying is that you want to repel people that have any values that differ from yours.

If you tried to operate your business based on that principle you’d go broke.

To create influence with your prospects and within the marketplace your target market must be fascinated with and by you.

Let me give you a quick example:

I am an advocate for advertising.  Because I have learned that advertising when done correctly:

  • Meaning that they copy is good
  • The media is right and
  • The market I’m targeting is “the right market”

Advertising is one of the best ways for a business owner to create instant influence and to generate wealth. That’s of course assuming that you’ve got a legitimate business that’s delivering exceptional value to the marketplace.

So, because I am an advocate of advertising, I’m NEVER going to accept someone as a client who is AGAINST advertising.  A prospect who would rather die than invest a dime to use it will NEVER be a good fit for me.

3. They Have To Believe You Care About Them
When you want to create instant influence, people have to believe that your interactions are about more than money. They need to believe you have concern for their personal welfare and wish they do very well.

This is contrary to the odds of people succeeding in general. 80-90% of people who buy from you aren’t going to do well with any information you sell to them. This means that if you worry yourself with every single person getting results based on what you’re selling them, you’re gonna drive yourself crazy.

I learned this lesson firsthand fifteen years ago when Dr. Jim Osiwala.  Jim was a chiropractor who practiced in Lake St. Clair Michigan.  He initially signed up as a “Silver” member in my coaching program.  From there, he moved up to Gold and then purchased the most expensive marketing system I had for chiropractors at that time.

That System was called “The Million Dollar Marketing System.”

Dr. Osiwala signed up for my $20,000 coaching program which in 2006 was the most expensive program I had.

About two months after purchasing my Million Dollar Marketing System (which was $1,997) Jim called me.  He told me that he wanted to hire me for one on one consulting.

I accepted him as a client and he ended up purchasing a $20,000 program with me, which at that time was the most expensive thing I offered.  Part of that coaching program required that I travel to his office and spend a couple of days with him so I could:

  • Evaluate his processes
  • Evaluate his staff
  • And then create a recommended action plan so he could get his practice up to six figures per month.

NOTE:  You have to be able to create instant influence and trust if you’re going to be selling $20,000 coaching programs. 

The first morning I got to his office, his staff leads me back to his office and tells me to have a seat and he would be right in.

As I’m sitting there, I’m looking around the room and to my utter shock and disbelief.  I see my Million Dollar Marketing System … still in the box we shipped it in … unopened … and it’s being used as a door stop to keep his office door propped open.

I immediately start to feel guilty, like: “This guy hasn’t used my stuff … and I don’t know if I feel good about keeping his money. He needs to use my System because it’ll help him.”

As I’m thinking this, Jim walks into his office and proceeds to take his foot and slide the box over against the wall and close the door. He says: “Hey man!.. how was your flight?”  And I’m just sitting there staring at him in in total disbelief.

Jim was using my $1,997 Marketing System (still in the box, unopened) as a door stop!

He says: “You OK?” And I’m like:  “Jim! My stuff is being used as a door stop? You paid two grand for that Jim and you haven’t even opened it. You just paid me $20,000 for one-on-one coaching … and the system you bought hasn’t even been used.”

He said: “Ken;  everybody knows like you’re the guy in chiropractic, and that’s why I hired you.  I’ve been busy the last few weeks.  I’ll open it up and start going through it in a couple of weeks when I get some time.  Besides, you did your part. You created the system and sold it to me.

Whether I use it or not has nothing to do with you.  You shouldn’t worry about.  In fact, I’ll bet there’s a lot of people that buy things like this and never use them.  You shouldn’t be losing any sleep over people like that.”

So, after thinking about it I realized that he was right. You need to get over worrying about whether people who buy your stuff are going to use it or not.  On the flip side of that, however, you need to have genuine concern for and really take care of the people who do use your stuff.  If you don’t, you’ll be paralyzed in your marketing and you will never be able to create instant influence.

You know, everybody knows the saying: “People don’t care how much know until they know how much you care.”  And the longer I’m in the game of consulting and information marketing, the more I find this to be true.

You need to have genuine concern for and really take care of the people who do use your stuff.  If you don't, you’ll be paralyzed in your marketing and you will never be able to create instant influence.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that being successful is purely about demonstrating expertise.  You will never get past your prospect’s built in “sales prevention” firewall until they know that you care about them on a personal and emotional level.  

This “sales prevention firewall” is something all of us have ingrained into our DNA which is why knowing how to create instant influence is key.

NOTE: I got into the topic of the “Sales Prevention Firewall” and how to get around it effortlessly in the NEW Free videos on Selling With Social Proof you can find here.

4. People Have To Get Value From The Relationship
You always have to keep in mind that when I say “value” in this context … I’m talking about value as they define it! And in many, many cases can be different than how you or I define it.

In fact, this is another one of those HUGE MISTAKES I see new Members making when they first come to me. There’s no doubt that what they’re delivering to the marketplace has tremendous value … to them. 

The problem for them is that the marketplace (their prospects) haven’t placed the same level of value on it.  And that’s because they’re looking for that something else that they have placed even GREATER Value on.

You always have to keep in mind that when I say "value" in this context ... I'm talking about value as the marketplace defines it!

How Do You Know You’re Getting This Right?

A. You want people telling your stories back to you and then tell you their same story.
If you get face to face with your clients or get them on the phone and people are relating their stories of coming back and recovering from bankruptcy you’re on the right track.  I went into bankruptcy after being hit head on by that dump truck in 1994 and people shared their same stories with me.

Or the story of how their dog died too, then you’ve established a great connection with this person. Our dog Dallas, actually the Beautiful and Talented Lisa my wife’s dog actually died about two years ago.  When I shared that with our members and clients and on the podcast … I had probably at least a dozen people tell me the story of when their dog died.

In addition to that you should also be getting emails and snail mail from people relating these shared experience stories with you.

You’ll know you’re doing this wrong when people are just talking to you about the mechanics of what you do. You need people involved with you if you want to keep them fascinated by and connected to you.

You always have to keep in mind that when I say "value" in this context ... I'm talking about value as the marketplace defines it!

B. People are telling your stories to others and preferably giving you credit.
Now, let me share a quick note on receiving personal mail from people. Acknowledge it and respond personally.

Do NOT overlook this or take this people for granted. In fact, if you want to create instant influence your response doesn’t have to be long.  But you’re gonna lose people by failing to acknowledge and respond.

If I get a short message from someone, I might just get back to them with a scribble on the back of a card.  If it’s long drawn out letter talking about personal and business experiences that’s different.  

Especially if it’s accompanied by a list of everything they’ve bought from you.  You get something like this and you know that they’re looking for approval from a dad or a mom figure.

These are the people you want to write a short letter to patting them on the back, giving them what they want. Again, if you fail to respond and acknowledge these people they’re gone.  In some cases they’ll be so hurt that they’ll go out of their way to bad mouth you to as many people as possible.

So, if you create instant influence and do this right and using these strategies the right way, 2-5% of you list of clients and members should be communicating with you like this.

And the first timers are most important. You really to need to be careful acknowledge them.

One more way you know you’re making an impact is that you’re getting gifts from people centered around hobbies and preferences you speak about in your marketing and content.

5. People Should Be Seeking Your Approval
You know you’re getting this right when people are showing you their papers and they want you to put them up on the refrigerator.

For me, this occurs when people send me me examples of their campaigns or advertisements using the principles I’ve taught them.

When you’re getting this kind of mail / examples it also makes creating content easier for this show and for the newsletter that goes to members and clients.  Because I get to include their good or bad examples and comment on them and you should be doing the same in your communications.

One more way you know you’re making an impact is that you’re getting gifts from people centered around hobbies and preferences.  The stuff you love to do that you speak about in your marketing and content.

Everybody who listens to this show and everyone that’s a member either a member in group coaching or a private client knows that I’m a big bow hunter.  They know that I love fishing and I love my horses.  Over the years this has led me getting a bunch of stuff I can use when I go bow hunting and fishing.

You know I mentioned earlier that you should have genuine care and concern for every member of your tribe.  Especially the clients and members who implement and use what you give them. But I also believe that when you create instant influence effectively your people will also care about YOU personally.

I also believe that when you create instant influence effectively your people will also care about YOU personally.

It’s funny, but about 10 years ago I hurt my back after being thrown off one of my horses unexpectedly.

Not only was I embarrassed because I’ve been riding for such a long time.  But I fractured the transverse process on the right side of L3 and L4 in my lumbar spine.

I shared the details of my accident in my newsletter I was doing at the time and I ended up getting all kinds of heal-your-back stuff.  I got DVD’s, gadgets, recommendations of specialists to go see, and a literal ton of well wishes.

What was funny that no one stopped to think that I might know what the best course of treatment was for my injury.  After all,  I’m a retired chiropractor.

But when members of your tribe respond to you like this you know that you understand how to create instant influence.  And when the send you notes and cards and gifts and recommendations and well-wishes like this … you know you’re managing the relationship the right way.

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