351: Annette Simmons, Author of “The Story Factor” Reveals How You Can Become More Persuasive And Influential Using The Art And Science Of Storytelling


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Listen To Episode #351 of the Get Clients Now Podcast

Get Clients Now podcast featured guest Annette Simmons - Bestselling author of The Story Factor reveals her seven-figure storytelling framework you can use to sell more stuff

If You Become More Persuasive And Influential Annette Simmons' 7-Figure Storytelling Framework Can Help You Get There

The NEW Coronavirus economy demands that you become more persuasive and influential if your business is going to survive.  So, on today’s episode you’ll learn how to quickly become more credible and authoritative in the marketplace.

Get Clients Now host Ken Newhouse interviews bestselling author Annette Simmons.  Firstly, Simmons is the author of four books, including “The Story Factor.” Secondly, this book has been rated as one of the TOP 100 BEST business books of all time. Simmons is one of the world’s leading experts on persuasion and influence using storytelling.

Importantly, on today’s episode she reveals the storytelling framework you can use to instantly become more persuasive and influential.  Methods and strategies to help you become more credible and authoritative in the eyes of your prospects and clients.


  • 02:43:  Introduction
  • 05:01:  Questions from the Nation
  • 07:25:  How to use your stories so you can increase trust and become more credible and authoritative in the marketplace.
  • 19:06:  Annette Simmons reveals her 7-step storytelling framework that can help you become more persuasive and influential

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“This book was an incredible investment of my money and time.  I can see how it will help me become more persuasive and influential in the marketplace.”

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transcript with Annette Simmons!

These are tools and strategies you can use to become more credible and authoritative in the marketplace.

So, you know that over the past 6-8 weeks I’ve had several of the world’s leading storytelling experts on the show.  I’ve done that in order to help you become more persuasive and influential.  And I am especially excited to have Annette on the show. I’m excited because I’m convinced that this interview is going to be the pinnacle of the selling with stories series.

Annette Simmons is one of the:

  • Most sought-after
  • Most in-demand
  • Highest paid storytelling, persuasion, influence and communication consultants on the planet. 

And on today’s show she’s going to equip you with some enormously powerful storytelling strategies.  Moreover, she’ll explode several storytelling and persuasion myths so you can become an even better communicator, influencer and persuader possible.

So, by improving your storytelling, and communication skills you can become more persuasive and influential in the marketplace.  These skills allow you to instantly become more credible and authoritative in the eyes of your prospects and clients.

Consequently, this will help bridge the trust-gap early in your relationship with the people you want most as clients.  Above all, becoming more persuasive and influential is essential.  It’s an absolute requirement if you want to generate consistent sales in the NEW Coronavirus Economy.

And if you remember, I’ve been running a test these last several weeks.  A test where I’m picking the best, most-relevant questions that you have submitted to us via email.  And I’m answering one question that’s most relevant with the show’s topic in my opening monologue. So, when I started the test my goal was to be able to answer these questions in like 5-10 minutes.

I’ve noticed, however, like on last episode … that some of these questions can’t be adequately answered in that time frame.

By using your experiences and stories you can create a personal narrative that will help you become more credible and authoritative in the marketplace. It will help you become more trustworthy in the eyes of your perfect prospects.

When I answer a question you’ve submitted (and my answer is going to exceed that ten minute mark) I’m going to produce a new mini-episode.  This is so I’ll have the time freedom to provide and in-depth answer without the fear of running long and infringing on my guest’s content.

Today’s question was submitted by Jeff Tyner.  Jeff is a retired internal affairs policeman who started a consulting business after recently retiring.  Jeff’s business  does background checks on employee prospects for small to medium-sized businesses that handle sensitive data. 

I chose Jeff’s question because it dovetailed nicely with the content Annette is going to be sharing with you today.  And because I can give a detailed answer with suggestions in under ten minutes that can help you become more credible and authoritative in the marketplace.

Here’s Jeff’s question:

“In episode #349 you walked through a framework that would create and heighten the level of fascination prospects and clients have with us.  When you showed us the connection between “having clients and prospects that are fascinated by you” and how that leads to creating lasting relationships with clients, a light went on for me.

I think I’m on the right track now, but near the end of your monologue you mentioned the “importance of using our personal experiences.”  Positive and negative experiences to help create a deeper, more fascinating personal persona.

I could use a bit more clarity on this. What can I do to create a more fascinating personal persona? I want to make use of the time I’ve got right now to work on this.”

If you want to become more persuasive and influential in the marketplace and if you want to become more credible and authoritative in the eyes of your clients you must learn how to use personal stories to your advantage.

You know I went back and listened to the opening monologue for that show and Jeff’s right. So, I did mention the importance of using personal experiences in the process of making your persona more fascinating.  And the problem was that I didn’t really go into enough detail for you. So thanks Jeff for pointing that out and thanks for your question.

So, today I’m going to dive into this quite a bit deeper so you can become more credible and authoritative. 

  1. Firstly, based on what I’ve learned over the last 25+ years as a direct marketing copywriter and marketer
  2. Secondly, based on what I’ve learned from people I’ve paid significant amounts of money to over that time and
  3. Thirdly, from bouncing ideas off other high-level marketers, personal friends and some of my clients

I’ve come to the conclusion that your personal experiences can be used as a SECRET source of wealth for you. Let me explain:

The average business owner doesn’t realize the vast source of wealth they can mine from their life’s experiences. And the thought of using experiences from their past never occurs to them.  I’m talking about experiences that are positive and negative being used as way to bridge the credibility and trust gap.  So, I’ve already learned this.  My high-level Clients know this and chances are you know it too.

These are super-talented people who could and should be serving a larger portion of the marketplace and making a lot more money. They aren't because they've never deployed this strategy

And I’m not saying that people who don’t realize they can use their experiences to build trust and credibility are of average intellect. But what I am saying is that a lot of exceptionally talented people haven’t recognized and deployed what I’m about to show you.

And some of these people are smarter than me, but because they haven’t deployed this strategy, they have average businesses. Talented people who should be serving a much bigger portion of the market and making a lot more money.

And one of the reasons they aren’t is because they’re not leveraging and using their past experiences to create a powerful personal persona.  They’re not using their stories to shape and mold their backstory in a way that generates maximum credibility and trust in the eyes of their prospects and clients.

So, what typically happens is that what they see as “good” experiences are often overlooked and experiences that they might be embarrassed by are often hidden away.  And they keep the latter of these experiences under lock and key, far from public view.

So, if they made a stupid mistake (like we’ve all done) if there was a time when they REALLY screwed up hopefully they learned from it. And if they were taken advantage of by someone they trusted they probably learned how to avoid that from happening in the future.

Certainly, if they’ve lost money, for instance, they may have learned that lesson too well and now they’re gun shy about working with anyone.  So, they’ve definitely learned that these types of experiences suck to go through.

We all want to become more credible and authoritative in the eyes of our clients, but these people haven't learned yet how to use their experiences to create a powerful backstory that builds trust

So, what they haven’t learned yet is that these life experiences (especially the negative ones) … can and often should be used to their advantage. To clarify, you WANT to share routine experiences as well as those that are what you and I would call “glaringly obvious mistakes.”

For example, using these to shape your personal narrative shows people that you’re human and it makes you relatable.  And a by revealing these flaws to the marketplace you are instantly seen as more credible, trustworthy and real.

So, think about it.

  • No matter how much money we’ve made
  • And no matter how successful we may have become

We’ve all made stupid mistakes in our lives, right?  Because who hasn’t made dumb mistakes in their past?  And we’ve all been raked over the coals at some point in our lives.

Think about this scenario. Let’s say you want to find someone who can help you become more persuasive and influential.  Someone who can help you become more credible and authoritative in the eyes of your perfect prospects.

Because right now (in the middle of this Coronavirus craziness) it’s REALLY difficult to sell some stuff, right? So, you’re doing your due diligence and you find someone who might be able to help you.  And on closer inspection you realize that this individual is presenting themselves as “perfect.”

They’re portraying their self as someone who:

  • Has never made a mistake. As someone who has no flaws
  • And someone without  chinks in the armor.

So, ask yourself this question:

  • How relatable is this person?
  • And how credible is this person? 

So, ask yourself: "How relatable and credible is this person?"

I’ve worked with enough people over the last 25+ years to know that most of my clients would look at this person and think:

“This guy seems pretty smart. And he seems like he’s really successful, but he’s not like me.  And in fact, he’s not like anyone I’ve ever met. I can’t relate to someone like this because I HAVE screwed up.

I’m looking for someone who understands what I’m going through.  For someone who perhaps screwed up like me then overcame and it and succeeded in the area I want to succeed in. Something in my gut doesn’t feel right about. I’m gonna take a pass.”

But you’re not “that” guy!  And I know you’re not that guy because you asked this question. You’re playing an entirely different game on an entirely different field.  And you recognize that all of your experiences serve a purpose.  You understand that you have the power to give meaning to your experiences.

So, what others consider trash is your treasure and can often be magnified, enhanced, and used to your advantage.

My guess is that you may not have actually taken inventory of your life’s experiences and stories. And that’s what I’m suggesting that you do.  

And especially if you want to become more persuasive and influential in the marketplace.  If you want to become more credible and authoritative in your niche.  So, as an example, here are a few examples from my asset list:

  • Was hit by a dump truck in a head on collision in my Jeep … had 18 surgeries and almost died.
  • Ended up in Bankruptcy; two cars and a horse trailer repossessed.
  • No formal marketing education no marketing degree.

Example of how I use these for my benefit. How I use these to become persuasive and influential in my niche.

  • I was a grown adult who overcame the humiliation of bankruptcy
    and went on to become one of the successful chiropractors in the profession.
  • Taught myself how to generate new clients “on demand” by studying successful marketers and copywriters. Discovery of Direct Marketing Copywriting Joe the German

Time constraints prevent me from going through the exercise with you now.  But I’ve created worksheet you can use it to create your own “personal narrative list.”

The worksheet will help jog your mind and get you up and running quickly with this. And, you can download the PDF worksheet without giving me your email address.

As I wrap this up let me say this. People in the marketplace need to know your origin story in order to buy where you’re at. An example of this is how I got to where I am now.

  • How I went from being at the top of my profession as a practicing chiropractor having multiple clinics and making six-figures plus per month
  • To becoming a direct response copywriter, marketer and consultant.
  • How due to no fault of my own my world was turned upside down
  • And how I almost died after being hit “head on” by a dump truck.
  • How after 18 surgeries I was eventually forced stop practicing.
  • And how my success as a chiropractor led to other chiropractors and eventually dentists hiring me as a marketing consultant.

How I went from being at the top of my profession as a practicing chiropractor having multiple clinics and making six-figures plus per month to becoming a direct response copywriter, marketer and consultant.

Your stories should have such a compelling point to them that they should lend themselves to having an awesome headline.

And people should hear a headline like: “How after being nearly killed in a head on collision with a dump truck and being forced to retire from chiropractic I went on to build a seven-figure marketing and consulting business.”  And after reading that they should wonder what the heck you’re talking about and want to read more.

All of us have to bridge the credibility and trust gap that exists between us and our prospects.  And one of the best, most-effective ways to do that is by leveraging and using the wealth of compelling stories and life experiences we have in our arsenal.

If you like this sort of thing and if you want to learn more about this here you go. I go into this and other important topics in intimate detail in the Sales Control ‘Live’ online training that’s scheduled for the end of July.  So, be looking for that. 

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BIO: Bestselling Author of "The Story Factor" ... Annette Simmons

It’s time to welcome Annette Simmons in on the show.

BIO: Annette Simmons is a vibrant keynote speaker, consultant and author of four books:

Annette started with a business degree from Louisiana State University in 1983.  She spent ten years in Australia in international business, attained a M.Ed. from NC State in 1994 and started Group Process Consulting in 1996. Annette is surprisingly honest, ferrets out hidden opportunities, joyfully takes risks and tells a good story.


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