#357: Bestselling Author Mike Weinberg Shares Sales Strategies That Are Helping Users Drive Sales and Increase Profits During The Coronavirus Pandemic


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Listen To Episode #357 - Is it ethical to use sales strategies this effective during the Coronavirus Crisis? Bestselling author Mike Weinberg shares sales strategies that can help you drive sales and increase profits in the heart of this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic

Mike Weinberg Sales Truth

Mike Weinberg is the bestselling author of "New Sales Simplified" and his most recent book "Sales Truth"

The Covid-19 Crisis has rendered most sales strategies utterly ineffective. And as a result, selling your products and services more difficult than ever. Hundreds of thousands of business and professionals are struggling to stay afloat. Thousands are going under and yet others have discovered how to gain trust and acquire new clients.

Mike Weinberg, bestselling author of SALES TRUTH and NEW SALES SIMPLIFIED shares sales strategies that are working better than anything he’s seen right now. But is it ethical to use sales strategies and tactics that work this well in the heart of a pandemic?

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(HOST) Ken Newhouse: Today’s episode number #357 of the Get Clients Now podcast and today’s topics focuses on sales strategies.  And today we’re going to be talking with sales guru Mike Weinberg. He is one of America’s leading sales training and consulting experts and he’s authored three bestselling books on sales.

Most importantly, my interview with Weinberg focuses on:

  • Firstly, his most recent book SALES TRUTH … and 
  • Secondly, the topic of “selling in the heart of the coven 19 crisis.”

Now, if you’re like me, you have experienced first hand the dramatic need to improve your sales strategies.  Because you recognize the seriousness of the crisis that we’re all dealing with right now.

Likewise, you’re also probably getting a bit tired of all the ads, videos, and blog posts, touting the so called “Covid-19 sales and marketing secrets.”  Fed up with the ads and propaganda that we’re finding online … inundating our social media platforms.

Above all, make no mistake about it. Mike Weinberg is one of the world’s leading sales experts. And as you’re about to hear on today’s interview, he understands that this is a once in a lifetime pandemic. He understands that we’re in uncharted territory right now and that no one, absolutely no one his figured this thing out completely.

The sales strategies Weinberg reveals in his book "Sale Truth" might be the most-effective tactics for driving sales in the Covid-19 crisis anyone has developed

Meanwhile, generating leads seems to be getting easier for a lot of us.  On the other hand, converting leads into prospects for a sales presentation is now more difficult than ever.  And actually “making the sale” even harder.

In spite of the enormous challenges that you’re facing, there are sales strategies you can use to drive business.  Methods and tactics you can use to:

  • Firstly, make your sales strategy more effective
  • Secondly, drive more sales  and
  • Lastly, and most importantly, keep your company above water.

Mike’s book SALES TRUTH was released back in September of 2019.  Certainly several months before the Chinese coronavirus began its devastating charge around the globe. And yet, ironically, Mike’s book is filled with sales strategies and practical advice that is helping people sell right now in the heart of this pandemic.

Sales Truth also identifies much of the garbage online being heralded as “Covid-19 Sales and Marketing Secrets.” And he shows you why most of these so-called sales strategies flooding the internet are:

  • Firstly, untrue … and
  • Secondly, how they can actually accelerate business failure for those unlucky or unwise enough to actually believe it and act on it.



Mike Weinberg's "The 5 Keys To Becoming A Master Opportunity Creator"

A lot of  these guys are sitting in their parents' basement posting videos and writing blog posts about how the "New Sales Strategies" have replaced sound, proven sales fundamentals ...

Above all, I’ve got to be frank here: Most of the so-called “Gurus” posting these ineffective sales strategies online have never built a successful company. On the other hand, they’ve never really sold anything of value “in the trenches.” 

For example, they may have sold low-priced products or services or an occasion high-dollar item before.  But they have never built a company around selling high value, high dollar products and services. 

A lot of  these guys are sitting in their parents’ basement doing their dirty work.  They’ve moved back home “with the folks” so they’ll have a place they can post videos and write blog posts.   

To clarify, content about how their “New Sales Strategies” have replaced sound, proven sales fundamentals.  In conclusion I think it’s safe to say that most people see them as little more than a joke.  

Those of us working in the trenches who:

  • Know which sales strategies are working during this crisis …
  • Clearly understand which sales strategies are not working right now
  • Understand which sales methods were working before the pandemic hit
  • Have pretty good idea which sales methodologies are going to be working long after the effects of this pandemic had passed…

See these jokers for what they are.  We see them as the “Barney Fife’s” of the selling and sales training world. 

You can download the (PDF) transcript of this episode below

Moreover, whether you’re:

  • Firstly, working really hard to target and attract qualified leads into your business …
  • Secondly, trying to create new sales opportunities or
  • Thirdly, maximize results while navigating this once in a lifetime pandemic or
  • Lastly, you’re selling during “normal good times” …

The basics remain the basics. 

Said differently:  The very same sales strategies (i.e., “best practices”) that drive sales success when:

  • You’re not dealing with a bizarre virus and
  • When you’re not having to deal with a forced government shutdown
  • A lock down of you and your business …

Are what you need to master to succeed now, during the heart of this crisis.  And to set yourself up to absolutely rocket fuel your results for the coming recovery.

“YES!”… the recovery will come.  It will come eventually. It’s my prayer, my hope for you is that you can weather the storm and make it through.


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