#359: Brian Ahearn, Author and Cialdini Method Certified Trainer Reveals How To Be More Persuasive And Influential


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Listen To Episode #359 - Robert Cialdini Method Certified Trainer Brian Ahearn, author of “Influence People” reveals how to be more persuasive and influential during the Covid-19 Crisis. Proven scientific principle to help you get more clients and make more sales right now.

Brian Ahearn, author of "Influence People" reveals how to be more persuasive and influential on episode #359 of the Get Clients Now podcast with Ken Newhouse

If you want to learn how to be more persuasive and influential, Brian Ahearn (Chief Influence Officer at Influence PEOPLE, LLC) is someone you want to pay attention to


Ken Newhouse here and I want to welcome you to this episode of the Get Clients Now podcast.  And on today’s show we’re going to talk about a subject that’s exceedingly popular RIGHT NOW.  Yet at the same time some people feel that using it in business and in life is uncool. 

Because the subject that I’m talking about is how to be more persuasive and influential. That is to say, we’re going to dive into the subject and talk about “principles of persuasion.”  That is to say, principles and methods you can use to become more persuasive in the marketplace.  In addition, you can use these principles so you can be perceived as an authority in the marketplace.

My guest for today’s show is Brian AhearnAhearn is 1 of only 20 Cialdini Method Certified Trainers in the World, trained personally by Robert Cialdini.

Subsequently,  Ahearn is also the bestselling author of Influence People.  And that book that was just named as one of the TOP 100 persuasion Books Of All Time. In other words, it’s a book that teaches you how to be more persuasive and influential.


If you want to become a more effective communicator, get more clients and sell more stuff you'll want to learn how to ethically use the principles of persuasion Ahearn teaches.

You’ll hear more about Ahearn’s book later, before I read his bio, I want to give you a quick disclaimer:

  • Firstly, I’ve been a student of Dr. Cialdini’s now for over 15 years studying his work very, very closely
  • Secondly, I’m also a student of Brian Ahearn’s work on how to be more persuasive and influential as well.
  • Thirdly, I want to also say that I don’t have a personal relationship with either one of these individuals and
  • Lastly, I’m intimately familiar with their work.

Subsequently, I’m a huge fan of both men and I’ve used the principles they teach for well over a decade.  And the principles you’re going to learn about today about how to be more persuasive and influential ROCK! 

Certainly, they have helped me, my clients and members of my coaching groups:

  • Firstly, become more persuasive
  • Secondly, more effective, and
  • Lastly, much more profitable in business. All doing that ethically.

Above all, if you’re like me and you want to learn how to be more persuasive and influential you know Brian Ahearn.  Certainly, my most successful clients and coaching group members know him.  But if not, let me go ahead and read through his BIO.

Let's take a look at Brian Ahearn's BIO:

This specialization in the psychology of persuasion was earned directly from Dr. Robert Cialdini. Cialdini is the most cited and well known living social psychologist on the science of ethical influence.

Ahearn’s blog has readers and more than 200 countries.  Likewise, Ahearn is also a certified LinkedIn learning instructor who teaches how to be more persuasive and influential.  His LinkedIn courses have been viewed by more than a hundred thousand people around the world.

Above all, Ahearn’s passion is to help you achieve greater professional success and enjoy more personal happiness. He does this by teaching you how to be more persuasive and influential.  Specifically, how to ethically move others to action using the science of influence.

You can grab a copy of Brian's book: "Influence People" below. CLICK THE IMAGE of the cover to buy Brian's book. The book is guaranteed by me (details below).

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