#383: Discover How To Go From High Income To High Net Worth with David Phelps, CEO of Freedom Founders


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Listen To Episode #383: Discover How To Go From High Income To High Net Worth In The NEW Covid Economy with David Phelps, CEO of Freedom Founders, Inc

Learn how to leverage your high income business into a high net worth that creates residual passive income without investing in the stock marketing on episode #383 of the Get Clients Now podcast with guest David Phelps, CEO of Freedom Founders, Inc.

David Phelps, CEO Of Freedom Founders, Inc. Reveals Strategies for Making Your Business More Profitable, Transforming Income Into Assets So You Can Build A High Net Worth

Today, discover how to go from high income to high net worth in the NEW Covid economy with David Phelps. CEO of Freedom Founders, Phelps’ system allows you to build a high net worth from your income amazingly fast.

If you’re like me and my most successful clients, you’ve mapped out your entire life in advance. You’ve been blessed with good intellect and a great work ethic. For you, failure has never been an option. You believed that you would

  • Firstly; have a perfect family
  • Secondly; a perfect career
  • Thirdly; a perfect lifestyle and financial future and…
  • Lastly; a perfect life. 

Perhaps you have told yourself: “I’ve built a successful business … the sky’s the limit.”

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Discover how to convert your better than average income into a high net worth on episode #383 of the Get Clients Now podcast with David Phelps
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"... Most high income earners are decent, honest, hard working people. Unfortunately, most of them never figure out how to transform that hard work into a solid financial future that will allow them to walk away from their business at the time of their choosing. That's what Freedom Founders is about. Helping our Members create the financial future and lifestyle they deserve."

I’m Ken Newhouse host of the Get Clients Now podcast and today I’ll be speaking with Dr. David Phelps. Phelps is CEO and Founder of Freedom Founders, a consortium of likeminded business owners. On today’s episode Phelps is going to reveal methods that: 

Phelps’ is best known for helping you achieve your financial goals and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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