#361: Discover why your small business website sucks. Conversion copywriter Amy Remark reveals why your website isn’t converting traffic into sales and five quick tweaks to fix it


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Listen To Episode #361 - Discover why your small business website sucks. Copywriter Amy Remark reveals why your website isn’t converting traffic into sales and five quick tweaks to fix it

Episode #361 of the Get Clients Now podcast with Ken Newhouse and Conversion Copywriter Amy Remark discussing why your website sucks and five ways to fix it so it drives more sales

Do you have a business website that's not generating clients and driving sales?

Do you wonder why your small business website sucks? For instance, have you invested good money in a website for your business and yet it’s flat lining?  Because there’s nothing worse than spending your time, effort and money on a website that isn’t making you money.

For example, if you’re producing quality social media content  drives traffic to your website is the response is dismal?  On today’s episode, Ken Newhouse interviews conversion copywriter Amy Remark, senior copywriter at Remarkable Copywriting.

If you’re unsure why your small business website sucks and want to know how to make it produce, read on.  Because you’re going to discover how a handful of tricks can help your website:

  • Firstly, become a powerful lead generator that drives sales and
  • Secondly, consistently generates profit for your business.

The PRIMARY goal of your website is to function as a consistent profit-generator for your business

Whether you’re:

  • Firstly, selling consulting or professional services or
  • Secondly, you’re a business owner hoping to boost a marketing campaign’s conversions 

You can improve your website’s existing conversion rate by 113%, or even more, with the power of good copy. Consequently, when you consider:

  1. The amount of content you’re putting out there on social media
  2. And the investment of time, effort and money that goes with it …

You want to know what kind of return on investment (ROI) you’re getting, right? In other words, how well is your website attracting and converting qualified visitors into paying clients?  These are questions you’ll have to answer in order to discover why your small business website sucks.

Certainly, pretty pictures and a streamlined layout are important to the success of your website.   But make no mistake about it:  words do the heavy-lifting and the selling.  Further more, persuasive copy (words that convert) are created with the understanding of human emotions.

In other words, effective copy knows how to trigger emotions in the mind of your website visitors that will:

  • Firstly, generate leads by getting prospects to opt in
  • Secondly, increase conversions
  • Thirdly, lead to more scheduled appointments with prospects who landed on your site
  • Fourthly, prepare prospects that meet with you so that they are predisposed to saying “yes” during your sales presentation and …
  • Lastly, generate sales consistently.

Today, Amy Remark reveals why your small business website sucks.  And then she’s going to show you five proven copywriting strategies so you can have a website that:

  1. Attracts more and higher quality traffic
  2. Generates more leads
  3. Increases conversions of those leads into high-value prospects
  4. Leads to more scheduled appointments (for brick-n-mortar businesses)
  5. Drives sales (online and offline).


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