How Short Helpful Books Can Transform Your Marketing and Generate New Clients On Demand with Mike Capuzzi


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Listen To Episode #375: Mike Capuzzi shows you how short, helpful books (Shooks) can transform your marketing and become your most-effective client attraction tool during the Covid19 crisis. Shooks grab the attention of your perfect prospects and focuses it on you and your message.

Mike Capuzzi (Mastermind Creator of Short Helpful Books) Interview Timeline Bullets

  • 04:11 – Something about Mike that people in the marketplace typically don’t know but he’d like them to know.
  • 07:14 – Mike’s “Aha” moment when he realized how to use short helpful books as a powerful method for attracting  new clients
  • 09: 21 – Capuzzi reveals how he felt when he discovered short helpful books were a powerful method for attracting new clients
  • 12:48 – Capuzzi reveals WHY he wrote The 100-Page Book and describes the benefits readers will get.
  • 17:19 – Key differences between a traditional book and a short helpful book.
  • 24:56 – 5-ways that having a SHOOK for your business can help the business owner listening right now get back on the road to being profitable again.
  • 29:13 – The 2-critical steps every business owner must take before writing their Shook.
  • 35: 11 – Examples of REAL students who are using Shooks to get new clients in the heart of the Covid19 Crisis …
  • And Much, Much More!

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Discover how Mike Capuzzi's easy-to-create and inexpensive client acquisition tool is outperforming virtually every online advertising and marketing strategy (by multiples) in the heart of the Covid19 crisis.

This episode of the Get Clients Now podcast features Mike Capuzzi and his amazing client acquisition tool; short helpful books.  Show host Ken Newhouse and Capuzzi reveal how short helpful books (i.e., “Shooks”) can transform your marketing. For example, Shooks have been outperforming virtually every online advertising and marketing strategy during the Covid19 crisis. To clarify, Shooks work by grabbing the attention of your perfect prospects and focusing it on you and your message. For example, writing and self-publishing a short helpful book can give you:
  • Firstly; Increased name recognition in your niche
  • Secondly; Enhance your reputation
  • Thirdly; Boost your believability and credibility and
  • Lastly; Establish you as an authority in your niche.
Today’s interview will show you how you can use short helpful books to attract new clients into your business and generate revenue on-demand!

"The 100-Page Book" presents a clear, concise blueprint that allows you to write a short helpful book in record time and for pennies on the dollar as compared to most other client acquisition tools

Mike Capuzzi's newest bestseller The 100-Page Book featured on episode #375 of the Get Clients Now podcast with Host Ken Newhouse
100% Money-Back Guarantee! Buy Mike's book, read and deploy the strategies he gives you and you will create one of the most powerful client acquisition tools you've ever had. If you follow his blueprint and you can't say that, email me at, let me know and I will reimburse you for the book. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

In addition to being the mastermind behind short helpful books, Capuzzi is also an accomplished direct marketing LEGEND! He is a long time student of Mean ‘Ole Dan Kennedy.

In other words, this guy has been around the block a bazillion times and he’s worked with some of the most successful marketers online today.  In fact, some of the biggest, heaviest hitting marketers are his clients. 

Get Clients Now podcast host Ken Newhouse interviews Main Street Author Mike Capuzzi on episode #375
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