#397: How to generate immediate sales, delight and amaze clients and flood your business with enthusiastic referrals with Chris Filipiak


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Listen To Episode #397: Learn how to delight and amaze clients, create immediate sales and generate referrals with Chris Filipiak, one of the preeminent thought-leaders in the sales training space

Chris Filipiak, a preeminent thought-leader in the Sales Training space is the featured guest on episode #397 of the Get Clients Now podcast with host Ken Newhouse

"Sales is revenue and cash flow; Sales allows you to invest in tools and training; cover payroll; and drive profit. Sales is essential for the survival of your business."

If you’re like my most successful clients, you’re always on the lookout for ways to generate immediate sales. As the leader of your business, the people in your sphere of influence depend on you financially. And the weight of all of that hangs on one thing: The ability of you and your company to consistently generate sales.

You understand that being able to generate immediate sales (consistently) is critical to the health of your business. You understand that Sales is:

  • Firstly; revenue.
  • Secondly; cash flow.
  • Thirdly; allows you to invest in tools and training so your business can grow.
  • Fourthly; the fuel that allows you to make payroll.
  • Fifthly; drives profit.
  • Lastly; the key to your business surviving and thriving.

Everybody knows that for you and your business, nothing happens until something is sold.  Being able to generate sales (consistently) is your life.

So why can’t you and your sales team make sales faster and more effectively?

Perhaps you’ve tried every sales strategy you find. Maybe you’ve hired the people you consider to be the best sales trainers. But, in spite of all your efforts and investment … it’s just not happening. 

I’m Ken Newhouse, and my guest on today’s episode of the Get Clients Now podcast is Chris Filipiak.

Filipiak is a preeminent thought-leader in the Sales Training space today.

If you want more sales and you want them coming in consistently, take a moment to imagine:

  • Your business growing smoothly and sales coming in daily…
  • Full pipelines: The sales team, systems, strategy, and tactics that consistently generate new clients who love you and you love to work with.
  • Sales conversations that go from A to B quickly with no confusion, clear intention, and focused on genuinely helping people.
  • Having a sales team that can generate immediate sales consistently.  The sales team you deserve.
  • Possessing clarity on exactly where you are and what is needed to take you to the next level.
  • A sales mindset based in truth and the security of knowing how to create what you want when you need it and make sales every day.

Most importantly, if the NEW Covid Economy has negatively impacted your ability to sell.

For example, your sales cycle has been increased to unacceptable levels you’re absolutely gonna love today’s show.

To clarify, you’re going to love it because Filipiak is going to reveal a sales methodology for closing an average of 70% of deals for his clients.  So, if you’re looking for a method you can use to generate immediate sales today’s conversation is for you. 

To discover how Chris Filipiak can help you deploy strategies to make sales faster, CLICK HERE.

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