#394: Could This Method for How to Get PR for Your Consulting Business Really A Public Relations Strategy Holy Grail? Liz H Kelly says: Absolutely!


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Listen To Episode #394: Liz H Kelly reveals how to get PR for your consulting business by energizing your Brand Story. Her 8-Second PR Story Energizer framework can help you become the most sought after consultant in the marketplace.

Listen to episode #394 of the Get Clients Now podcast where Liz H Kelly reveals her most effective public relations strategy you can use to attract more clients and create explosive growth in your consulting business

Could Liz Kelly's "8-Second Story Energizer Process" Really Be The Holy Grail for How to Get PR for Your Consulting Business? Top PR Experts say "YES!"

In your struggle to gain exposure for your brand, have you considered how to get PR for your consulting business? Would you like access to a public relations strategy that can get you unlimited access to earned media? Being featured in earned media (TV, radio, print, podcasts) is one of the most effective ways to gain marketplace exposure. 

I’m Ken Newhouse and my guest on today’s episode of the Get Clients Now podcast is guest Liz H Kelly. Kelly is CEO/Founder of Goody PR and bestselling author of “8-Second PR: Energize Your Story for Ultimate Media Success.”

Most importantly, Kelly reveals how to get PR for your consulting business easier and faster than you can imagine. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for an effective public relations strategy for your consulting business, you’re gonna love today’s conversation.  For instance, Kelly’s 8-Second PR Story Energizer Process has created explosive results for her clients over the last six years. 

100% Money Back Guarantee!  Invest in a copy of “8-Second PR,” deploy the strategies and you will generate multiples of what you spent. If you can’t say that email me at customerservice@kennewhouse.com and I will reimburse the purchase price … no questions asked! 

Certainly the NEW Covid Economy has resulted in the lowest response rates for marketers in over 100 years! Meanwhile, Kelly's PR framework gives you everything you need to get featured on PREMIER earned media platforms.

In conclusion: If you’re looking for an easy-to-implement public relations strategy and if you want to learn how to get PR for your consulting business Liz Kelly’s 8-Second PR framework could be the Holy Grail for acquiring consulting clients you’ve been looking for. 

Discover more about Liz H Kelly, Good PR and her client’s success stories – Click Here.

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