352: Internet Marketing Expert Kai Davis Reveals His 5-Step Framework For Get More Clients By Becoming A Serial Podcast Guest


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Listen To Episode #352 of the Get Clients Now Podcast

Get Clients Now podcast guest and internet marketing expert Kai Davis shares his 5-step framework for how to become a serial podcast guest so you can build instant credibility, authority & magnetically attract high-quality clients into your business

If you want to become a serial podcast guest you’re going to love today’s show. Internet marketing expert Kai Davis shares his 5-step framework for how to consistently get on top-ranked podcasts so you can build instant credibility, authority and magnetically attract high-quality clients into your business faster than ever

Why become a serial podcast guest?  To answer that question, let’s start with a few facts.

Having a top-ranked podcast can:

  • Build your brand
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Increase conversions
  • And help you get clients now. Lots and lots of highly-targeted clients who are ready and willing to spend their hard-earned money with you.

But why invest tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in creating your own podcast.  Why invest blood, sweat and tears building a massive following with a podcast? Why sacrifice so much when you can become a serial podcast guest and enjoy all the benefits without all the work?

Kai Davis5-step podcast guest tour framework has helped dozens of clients explode their business by getting them booked on top-ranked podcasts.

So, again … ask yourself the question: “Why spend thousands of dollars hiring a podcast booking agency when you can do it yourself?”

Download the (PDF) Transcript of the interview with Kai Davis – CLICK HERE.

Download a copy of "Podcast Outreach" by Kai Davis and discover how you can become a serial podcast guest

Download a copy of “Podcast Outreach” by Kai Davis and learn how to become a serial podcast guest

Interview with Ken Newhouse and Kai Davis:
(Full Transcript Below)

Most of your competitors have no idea that when you become a serial podcast guest you gain access to huge numbers of highly-qualified prospects

I’m Ken Newhouse, host of the Get Clients Now podcast.  Today is episode #352 and our guest is Kai Davis. Kai Davis teaches Independent Consultants and Freelancers how to get more leads for their business by implementing marketing habits that help you fill your pipeline with high-quality, qualified leads.

As you know, I’ve had several top-rated podcast booking experts on the show over the last few weeks … where we’ve been looking at how to become a serial podcast guest. 

So, when you can become the featured guests on podcasts you’re well on your way to generating a flood of new clients.   As I mentioned previously, becoming a podcast guest on top-ranked shows can:

  • Generate hundreds (if not thousands) of high-quality leads
  • Enjoy a dramatic increase in conversions
  • And you can more (and better) clients who will pay higher fees for what you sell coming into your business.

We’ve also looked at the various frameworks our guests have used to get their clients booked on top ranked shows.  One guest even had a system that showed you how to get booked as a guest on 30 podcasts in 30 days.

Today, Kai Davis reveals the five-step process for getting clients booked on top-rated podcasts around the globe.  And, admittedly … this is a sophisticated (yet easy to implement) process you can use to generate spectacular results. 

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You're about to discover how your business (and bank account) can 'EXPLODE' with growth when you become the featured guest on podcasts

(Host) Ken Newhouse:
Hey everybody, Ken Newhouse here and I’ve got Kai Davis (our guest) on this episode of the Get Clients Now podcast. Kai, it’s great to have you. So on behalf of myself and the members that Get Clients Now Nation I want to welcome you to the show.

Kai Davis:
Thank you. Glad to be here.

(Host) Ken Newhouse:
I really appreciate you being here with us Kai.  I went through your bio (you’ve got an outstanding bio). 

And again, the topic of our show today is going to be talking about  why it’s a BIG deal to become a serial podcast guest.  We’re going to talk about how it can (literally) transform your business (and your bank account) in as little as 30-days.  And we’re going to talk about why it’s such a hot topic today.

Kai Davis:
I still think it’s vastly underutilized by a lot of people. They’re still spinning their wheels, trying to:

  • Invest in pay-per-click ads to get new clients
  • And for sure spending money on Facebook ads
  • And a lot of people are still trying their hand at content marketing

When right under their nose is the amazing potential to transform their business, their bottom line, and their sales as a podcast guest. Even in light of the Coronavirus shutdown people still haven’t figured out that when they become a podcast guest everything can change.

(Host) Ken Newhouse:
So, Kai … I want to run through two questions with you to start things off.  These first two questions are posed to all my guests and I ask them to give listeners a good snapshot of your backstory.

Because, sometimes a listener or a member of the Get Clients Now Nation may not know who a particular guest is. And this gives them a reference point so they can get more value out of the show.

Getting booked as the featured podcast guest on lots of different shows is an internet marketing strategy that most of your competitors are overlooking as a viable (and affordable) way to get clients now

(Host) Ken Newhouse:
Kai, take a a minute or two and give us your backstory so we can set the state for today’s interview. I think most people listening to this podcast know that you’re one of the best-known guys for helping people become a serial podcast guest.

But some folks may not know that you’re not just a podcast booking agency. So, there’s a lot more involved to getting new clients than simply getting booked as a podcast guest.  We had several top experts from the podcast guest booking side of this business.  But you’re coming at this from an entirely different angle. And I think is one that’s overlooked by most of the people that I’ve talked to so far. So if you could give us your backstory and let us know what we need to know for the show today.

Kai Davis:
Absolutely. From a young age, I’ve just been enamored with marketing. I can remember when I was 13 or 14, just starting to uncover topics like what exactly is email marketing, what is, you know, search engine optimization.

And as I moved forward from being a teen into college, I gravitated towards marketing related classes.  So, I loved entrepreneurship related classes and I’ve always been doing something on the side to practice my marketing chops.

My first business back when I was 14 or 15 was selling magic the gathering cards on eBay.  And that was both a bunch of fun and gave me a bunch of experience in terms of selling online.

  • Like understanding “How do we reach people?”
  • And “How do we make this captivating and relevant to them?”

After I graduated college, I moved into the workforce as a marketing director at a couple of companies.



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