#390: Joe Pulizzi Reveals A Serious Content Marketing Strategy You Can Use To Build A Tribe Of Raving Fans. You Might Not Like It, But You’ll Probably Love It.


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Listen To Episode #390: Joe Pulizzi reveals a serious content marketing strategy you can use to build a tribe of raving fans and monetize it on today’s show. You might not like it, but you’ll probably love it.

On episode #390 of the Get Clients Now podcast, Joe Pulizzi reveals content marketing methods you might not like, but you'll probably love

Joe Pulizzi reveals the "lovely accident” he stumbled onto that helped him build the Content Marketing Institute and several multi-million dollar businesses over the last 10 years. Pulizzi admits: "There is no better way to build your business than with content marketing, done right."

I’m Ken Newhouse and If you want to become a content marketing strategy expert, you’re absolutely going to love today’s show. Today’s guest on the Get Clients Now podcast left a six-figure executive publishing position in 2007 to start a business.

My guest is Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute and Bestselling author of Content, Inc. And while:

  • Firstly; he’d been thinking about leaving his job for a while … and
  • Secondly; while he had (what he thought) was an amazing product to sell …

His content marketing strategy and the product he was working on wasn’t going to be ready anytime soon. 

As it turned out:

  • Pulizzi ended up with no job
  • No product to sell
  • And most importantly (no income).

At the time, he had two boys (ages three and five) … a wife and a mortgage to pay.  Even worse, his developer believed they couldn’t get their content marketing strategy and product ready for at least nine months.

This left Pulizzi with:

  • Zero clients
  • No job 
  • Absolutely no income
  • And nothing to sell for nine months!
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The NEW Covid Economy tells me that you’re all too familiar with the stress he was experiencing. You’re probably wondering (in the face of a seemingly NO WIN situation how Pulizzi built one of America’s most profitable online businesses?

He focused all his attention on building an audience with a laser focused content marketing strategy. In a few weeks, his blog was up and running. Three to five times a week, he created and distributed helpful information targeted to marketers in large companies. The audience he used his content marketing strategies to reach with his new product.

A few months later, his content marketing strategy had helped him to start  building a small, loyal following. Fast-forward to the present day. The company he built, Content Marketing Institute, was named to the Inc. 500 fastest-growing private companies list for three years running and became the fastest-growing business media organization in North America.

On today’s episode:

  • Firstly; you’re going to discover that by focusing on building an audience first and …
  • Secondly; defining products and services second …

You can change the rules of the game and significantly increase the odds of financial, business and personal success. 

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