350: Lisa Cron, author of Story Genius used brain science to create a powerful storytelling framework you can use to create irresistible intrigue and cravings for the things you sell


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Listen To Episode #350 of the Get Clients Now Podcast

Bestselling Author Lisa Cron Cracked the Brain-Science Code and Created a Powerful Storytelling Framework You Can Use To Create Irresistible Intrigue and Cravings for the Things You Sell in the Marketplace

Lisa Cron, author Of Story Genius has cracked the persuasion code. Using cutting-edge brain science she created a powerful storytelling framework you can use to create irresistible intrigue and cravings for the things you sell in any economy

NEW FINDINGS reveal the Secret of America’s most successful companies to stand out in the marketplace and sell more stuff. Discover how you can increase sales as much as 233% in good times, bad times, even recession.

Lisa Cron, bestselling author Of “Story Genius” and “Wired for Story” has cracked the persuasion and influence code. Using cutting-edge brain science, she has created a powerful storytelling framework you can use to create irresistible intrigue and cravings for the things you sell in the marketplace … in any economy.


    • 02:32 – Introduction
    • 03:30 – Opening Monologue
    • 03:57 – Questions Submitted by Members of the Get Clients Now Nation
    • 04:53 – Ken Answers Your Questions (The strategy clients are using to keep sales steady during the Coronavirus shutdown)
    • 07:52 – (The 10-Step Offer Creation Checklist)
    • 15:23 – Welcome our guest Lisa Cron back on the show.
    • 18:17 – Lisa Cron reveals how she “cracked the persuasion code.”
    • 24:51 – Cron reveals the powerful storytelling framework she created you can use to create irresistible intrigue and intense cravings for the things you sell in the marketplace.

Download the transcript for episode #350 here. 

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Lynda.com – Writing: the Craft of Story

CreativeLive.com – Wired for Story: How to Become a Story Genius

Wired for Story: The Writer’s Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers from the Very First Sentence

Story Genius: How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel

I want to respond to a question that was submitted from a Member of the Get Clients Now Nation and then we'll bring Lisa Cron in on the show.

Ken Newhouse here and I want to welcome you to episode #350 of the Get Clients Now podcast.  On today’s episode I’m speaking with Bestselling Author Lisa Cron in the 2nd of my two-part interview with her.

During the 2nd half of our interview you’re going to learn how Lisa cracked the persuasion code.  She then used cutting-edge brain science to create powerful storytelling framework.  A framework you can use to create irresistible intrigue and intense desire in the marketplace for the things you sell.

This framework is yet another tool you can use to get clients now and keep them coming into your business.   Because everybody knows that when you can create intrigue and desire in the marketplace, you’re going to win.  You’re going to:

  • Attract more clients
  • Sell more stuff … and
  • Make a LOT more money

And if you’re like me and if you’re like my most successful clients … is exactly what you’re looking for.

Before I bring bestselling author Lisa Cron on today’s show I’m going to continue with the test I’ve been running over the last several weeks.  The test where I read through your email questions and then pick one to address in my opening monologue.  And the question I chose for today’s show was submitted by Steve Cartwright.  Steve is a subscriber and Member of the Get Clients Now Nation who runs a digital engineering consulting service.  So, here’s Steve’s question:

Let's review Steve's question, answer it then dive into Lisa's storytelling framework

So, let’s look at and answer Steve’s question then we’ll get to Lisa’s storytelling framework:

“I’m having an incredibly difficult time selling my consulting services right now. The business is actually getting more traffic and more opt ins now than I was two months ago but my conversions are down.”

(He’s talking about sales conversions here)

“… but my conversions have dropped by 41% an average across the board of everything I sell including my low-end information products. Is there anything you can recommend that will help me increase my sales during the Covid19 crisis?”

“Before this “shelter in place” thing started I was doing a lot of my consultations, presentations and work with clients on video calls.  So, the fact that I can’t get to a prospect or client’s place of business isn’t necessarily the issue. Most of the businesses I work with are still up and running to a degree but they’re simply not spending money like they were before this thing started. Is there a strategy or method that your clients are using that is helping them keep sales somewhat steady right now?”

Here's a strategy that our top-performing clients are using right now (in the midst of the Covid19 crisis) to keep sales steady

Thank you for your question Steve. I know that this forced shutdown has hurt a lot of our brick-n-mortar clients and members.  Especially hard hit are the professionals we work with and to a lesser degree the clients who are able to run their businesses remotely. 

These businesses seem to be faring better but the vast majority of them are still taking a financial hit.  The clients that are keeping sales up (or actually selling more now) all seem to have one thing in common.  It’s not directly related to Lisa’s storytelling framework, but I want to share with you because it’s working for them.

As far as I can tell that commonality might be the difference maker for each of these businesses. The thing each of these clients are doing that is similar can be seen in how they are presenting their offers.

So, what I’ve done is to review the processes they’ve used to create their offers and I’ve broken it down into a ten-step checklist. You can use this checklist to “test” your offers and see if they’re following this template. As you’re about to see I’ve made the checklist super user friendly and easy to deploy which will allow you to test it and see that it’ll work for you or not.

I’m gonna fly through this because I want to get to part #2 of my interview with Lisa Cron and her storytelling framework. She really over delivered in her interview with me and especially in the second half of the interview which is what we’re listening to today.

The 10-Step Offer Creation checklist I created works synergistically with Lisa's storytelling framework as a powerful sales tool

Today Lisa revealed several killer strategies I know you’ll absolutely love.  If you’re like me several of these strategies will be completely new to you.  For now, let’s get back to the ten-step checklist you can use to gauge the effectiveness of your offers.

I’ve created a PDF of this entire opening monologue including this ten-step checklist you can download here.   Now, I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by telling you that this ten-step checklist is gonna help you increase your sales right now.  And while there’s a pretty good chance that it will, you’ll want to test if for yourself.

So, how important are your offers? Meaning: “How important is the way you structure and word your offer to your overall sales?” We know that your sales copy is critically important and we know that targeting the right market and using the right media is also critical to your success. But what about the offer? Unfortunately most of the so-called “Marketing Gurus” online today are giving far too little emphasis on the importance and construction of the offer.  Yet, without question it is every bit as important as:

  • Your ads
  • The pitch you make in your marketing campaigns and
  • In your presentations with prospects

Here’s why I say that:

A good offer can easily double (even triple) your response rates. On the other hand, a bad or botched offer can easily kill your ads and marketing campaigns and it can even kill a presentation you’re doing that would otherwise be profitable.

Is your 10-Step offer creation checklist a storytelling framework that works by making the stuff you sell irresistible in the marketplace?

So, what EXACTLY is the offer? Quite simply; “It is the deal you make with your client.  And it also includes the terms of that deal.” The offer is what she gets for what she gives you. It includes:

  • The product and/or service
  • All the promises you make about the product/service
  • Your guarantee.
  • The offer also includes the transactional details (i.e., “how the client can buy the product/service”)
  1. As an example on your website
  2. Your landing page
  3. Via direct-mail reply device Or even using an 800 number.

All these details are important and all of them should be spelled out at the end of your:

  • Advertisements
  • Website/landing page
  • Sales letter, etc. you’re using.

These details should also be clearly spelled out in the order device.

“OK, Ken so what’s an order device?”

The order device is the place on your:

  • Website
  • Order form that accompanies your sales letter
  • Checkout page on your website

Any place where the client or prospect provides their information for completing the transaction.

Failing to spell out these details fully is a huge mistake people  make in their offers.  In virtually every instance this is a costly mistake.

For example, let’s say you invested in running a Facebook ad campaign for your consulting service.  And after doing all your homework where you have:

  • Identified your ideal prospects
  • Spent more than you thought you ever would on copy
  • And even after going as far as testing your price point first …

you realize that you’ve got a winner on your hands! (Which you’re about to discover is what Lisa Cron gave you in her storytelling framework you can use to sell more stuff.)

Use this 10-step "Offer Creation Checklist" to make sure you've got winning offers and combine that with Lisa's storytelling framework and chances are good that you're gonna start selling more stuff NOW!

So, continuing with my example:  You run your Facebook ads with a link that goes to your landing page.  But you only mention your price in the sales copy on the landing page and when your prospect gets to the order page it’s nowhere to be found!

You’re probably not making this mistake on your order pages or forms, but I see this the kind of mistake happening more than you realize.  And while taking the time to get this right might seem insignificant, every high-level marketer knows that screwing this up can be disastrous.

  • Every advertisement
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Digital marketing campaign
  • Or presentation you use …

Should contain a STRONG offer and sales copy that’s been crafted using Lisa’s storytelling framework.

Depending on your goals like lead generation or direct sale … the offer should be an incentive or reward that motivates prospects to respond to your:

  • Mailing
  • Campaign
  • Presentation

Either with an order or with a request for more information.

And for maximum effectiveness your offers should be filtered through or compared against the following ten-step checklist. Let’s get started:

Here's the 10-step "Offer Creation Checklist" our Clients are using to keep sales steady (and a handful of Clients are using) to Increase sales during the Covid19 Crisis.

  1. Is your offer specific?: Will the prospect understand exactly what they get and how to get it?
    2. Exclusive vs non-exclusive offer?: Are you making your offer only to a select few and making them feel that they are an exclusive bunch, or are you making your offer to everyone?
    3. Does your offer scream “value?”: Will your prospects perceive your offer to be of value to them? Your offer may be inexpensive for you to make, but it must have a high perceived value to your potential clients.
    4. Are you making a unique offer?: Can prospects see that the deal is only available through your business?
    5. Will prospects see your offer useful?: Your offer can be exclusive but useless, or unique and useless. Make sure your offer helps your prospects save money, save time, do their jobs better, or is something else just as helpful.
    6. Is your offer relevant?: Do prospects want what you are offering?
    7. Will prospects see your offer as plausible?:  Some offers are too good to be true, and others are just plain silly. Either way, your offer needs to lend credibility.
    8. Easy to acquire or difficult?: The harder you make it for your prospects to obtain your offer, the lower your response rates will be. So make your order forms clear, simple, and short; and your terms and conditions of purchase concise.
    9. Is your offer urgent?: Are you clear about the deadline of your offer? Is it an early-bird special or are you limiting it to only the first 50 people who respond?

10. Does your offer have a guarantee?: Did you strengthen your offer with a money-back guarantee?

Perhaps you could even allow the subscriber to keep all bonuses and/or issues up to that point, or make sure the prospect knows that there is no risk whatsoever.

Take a moment now to go look at the offers of all your current campaigns for all channels of your marketing.

So as you can see “Having a well-constructed offer meaning having an offer that meets each of the ten criteria on this checklist can make a big difference in your sales.

Like I said before “I won’t insult your intelligence and promise that using this strategy will help increase your sales” but I certainly believe it’s worth testing.

So, my recommendation is that you compare your offers with this checklist and see if you’re executing all of these steps or perhaps you might be missing some of them. I’m interested to know what you find so email me the results once you’re done running the test.

And whether you’re a member of the Get Clients Now Nation or whether you’re a first-time listener and haven’t subscribed to the show yet think about this checklist compare it against your offers and see where you might be missing some of these elements.

OK I’m going to wrap up the opening monologue and with that let’s welcome our guest Lisa Cron back on the show where she’s going to reveal how she Cracked the Brain-Science Code and Created a Powerful Storytelling Framework that You Can Use To Create Irresistible Intrigue and Intense Desire in the marketplace for the Things You Sell.

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