347: Margy Feldhuhn of Interview Connections Reveals How Becoming A Serial Podcast Guest Can Give You Celebrity Status And Double Your Sales In 90-Days Or Less


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Listen To Episode #347 and discover how you can explode your business by becoming a serial podcast guest:

Margy Feldhuhn of Interview Connections Reveals How Becoming A Podcast Guest Can Give You Celebrity Status And Double Your Sales In 90-Days Or Less

Discover the SECRET MARKETING WEAPON that hundreds of business owners and experts are using to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, increase conversions and make more sales for about the cost of a cup of Starbucks' Coffee each day.

Becoming a podcast guest can help you get massive exposure in the marketplace, double your sales and explode your profits. Margy Feldhuhn, co-owner of Interview Connections reveals the 1-page plan that can transform your business in 90-days or less!

Think about it. If you were given the opportunity to give a live presentation as a podcast guest to 300 to as many as 10,000 people at one time you would take it, right? Of course!… Because passing up an opportunity like that would be crazy. 

So, if it would be crazy to pass up an opportunity like that, ask yourself this question: “Is it any less crazy to pass up the opportunity to be the featured guest expert … a podcast guest on shows with anywhere from 300 to 10,000 loyal fans?”

Now, if you’re like me and you read that you’re probably thinking to yourself: “I’d be all over that opportunity if I could get a break like that and become a podcast guest on great shows.”

Well, the good news is that you can get in front of tens of thousands of highly-qualified individuals by becoming a podcast guest … the featured expert on podcasts … and it’s easier than you can imagine.

As the creator and host of the top-ranked Get Clients Now podcast, I’ve got firsthand experience with the benefits of being on a podcast. In March 2020 we had over 85,417 downloads of our show … and today’s episode is our 347th.

This podcast attracts no small amount of highly-qualified prospective clients for me … and (more to my point) … it’s been a literal new client magnet guests of my podcast.

We get an average of 5-7 podcast guest appearance requests per week … sometimes per day … and I’m wondering by even MORE people aren’t trying to get on my show. Why they are trying to get on as many podcasts as possible.

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Margy Feldhuhn and the Team at Interview Connections Have Helped Celebrities and High Six/Seven Figure Business Owners Get Booked On Top Shows As A Featured Expert on Podcasts

Well, they’re not scampering to get on my show and others because most people do NOT realize how massive the benefits to their business and brand can be by being a podcast guest.

Podcasts are unique to other types of interviews and as a result offer several unique advantages. During a podcast, you take part in a one-on-one discussion with the host (like me, Ken Newhouse).

Over the last two years I have built an enormous following for the show and everybody knows that I am authority … (a celebrity authority) in strategies you can use to get clients now. I am an authority in direct marketing, direct marketing copywriting, sales and persuasion … and my authority and celebrity are passed on to my guests.

Imagine if you were spotted eating lunch with Gary Vaynerchuk. What do you think people would think about you? I’m not saying that I’ve got the same level of celebrity authority as Gary does, but in my niche and with my fan base … I’ve got a lot.

So, being a podcast guest on my show (or any podcast for that matter) … can literally transform your businesses success … overnight.

What’s involved in being a podcast guest? Well, during the interview, you have the opportunity to discuss your background, your expertise and the types of problems you can help to solve. The typical interview takes 35-60 minutes. The host (that’d be me) is a PROFESSIONAL who knows how to make a guest shine.

If you're an expert on a relevant topic in your market, you can get booked on just about any top-ranked show as a featured guest expert

Being a guest on a podcast offers a variety of benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • The ability to reach your target market with your unique message: You can have confidence the audience listening are the ones you want to connect with.
  • Influencer status: When you go on a podcast, not just anyone is going to be interviewing you. The person handling the interview is someone that your target market respects and looks up to. Once you are interviewed by them, you can receive some of this influence and status.
  • Calls to action: During your time on the podcast, you can tell listeners about what you can do to help and how they can contact you. 
  • Creating Your Own “Expert” Status: When you agree to appear on a podcast as a guest, you will see all of the benefits above. An additional advantage you will receive is the perception of authority that is generated as you continue going on podcasts. This means that if you appear on relevant podcasts on a regular basis and talk about relevant topics, you, too, will be considered an expert.

Becoming a serial podcast guest can literally double or triple your income in 90-days or less!

As a result, each time you appear as a guest, you are cultivating your status as an authority. As a result, you can begin to “level up” building your authority slowly but surely.

Being on a podcast as a guest will help improve your business and “spread the word” about what you have to offer.

Mary Feldhuhn is co-owner and resident marketing genius at Interview Connections.

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If you're interested in becoming a podcast guest and methods that get you clients you can read and/or download the episode transcript below

DOWNLOAD The (PDF) Transcript for the Episode Here

Today is episode #347 of the Get Clients Now podcast and on today’s episode I’m speaking with Margy Feldhuhn. Margy is Co-Owner and resident marketing genius at Interview Connections.  Interview Connections was the FIRST company of its kind that specializes in getting business owners and professionals gigs as a podcast guest on top-ranked podcasts.  Podcasts like Get Clients Now.

Now, before we begin I want to respond to an email we got from Robin Breen:

“You’ve been telling us over the last three weeks or so that during the time where we’re all being ordered to stay at home … that we should be constantly communicating (in a helpful, supportive and encouraging way) with our clients, prospects and even to the marketplace with serve.

I took your advice and have been doing that … but it feels like an element of my communication (in this case email and some videos) are lacking something. I’m not sure what “It” is … and I was hoping you could give me some feedback.

I have attached the stuff I’ve been sending out to this email and provided links to the short videos I’ve been sending out. Any chance you can give me some feedback on how I can make my communications more “engaging”… (specifically) my emails and videos.”

Well Robin … first of all (let me thank you) for being a Member of the Get Clients Now Nation … and thank you for submitting such a well-thought-out question.

I want to also congratulate you for doing what most people aren’t willing to do … and that’s “take action.” The fact that you started communicating with your list in an unprecedented way is awesome.

The people that haven’t started doing this are making a huge mistake.  But with all that’s going on I’m not going to criticize them. We’re all under a lot of pressure and more than anything else … we need solid information … we need encouragement … and we need to get back to work.

As to your question about “you feel like something’s missing” … let me respond and then we’ll dive into the show so you can learn how to become a serial podcast guest.

The feelings you expressed in your email is actually something most people experience when they start communicating with their list of clients, customers, patients and prospects.

Most people are (in fact) very unclear about what they want to accomplish when writing or communicating with their list in the first place.  The same mistake applies when they want to become a podcast guest.

I think it’s fair to say that whether we’re talking about our list of clients or whether we’re talking about our list of prospects and leads … we all dive into this process wanting and hoping be viewed as people of influence to these groups of people … but unfortunately end up doing something that’s the complete opposite of that.

Couple of points I want to make before I run through some targeted solutions for you:

  1. You do not influence with information. You inform.
  2. You do not influence with education. You educate.
  3. Becoming a podcast guest is easier than you can imagine.

People don’t want more information. They’re up to their eyeballs in information. They want FAITH – faith in you. Your goals, your success, your experience, your expertise.

Faith in “your way” for them, that will give them their goals, give them success like yours. They want to have.  Faith in themselves and their ability or likelihood of realizing their goals and objectives.

You know I just finished doing a powerful series on “Storytelling for Business” … and in fact I had the chance to have Lisa Cron and David JP Phillips on the show this week.

And those are two of the world’s leading experts on using stories to influence … to persuade … to sell. 

From everything I’ve learned over the last five years during my research on story … I’ve learned that “Story is the path to faith.”

So learning how to incorporate stories into your emails … your blog posts …your videos and live presentations is VITAL to your success.

David JP Phillips created the JP University … which is a membership platform I belong to (that teaches High-Level communications) … including an entire section titled (The MAGIC of Storytelling) … which is incredible. You could read Lisa Cron’s book (Story Genius) … which is a book that teaches you how to write compelling stories (for fiction books) … and while you may not want to learn how to write bestselling fiction … you can learn a tremendous amount from her work. One last book (that can help you craft powerful stories for business) is Annette Simmons’ book: “The Story Factor” … which is an absolutely fabulous book.

The next question you’ll want to answer is: Why ARE You creating content and communicating with these people? It’s a bit of a rhetorical question I know, so me dive into this for a minute or two. This kind of communication (writing emails, creating videos and writing blog posts) that are admittedly (going to have a different slant on them) than what you would normally be writing … not a drastic difference (but nevertheless) a difference …

and communications like I’m suggesting (are certainly going to be crafted) much, much differently than (say) when you’re writing a sales letter or creating a video sales letter (for the sole purpose of generating an immediate response) … “i.e., “a sale.”

When you’re deciding what you’re going to say when you (pitch something) … you know the direct outcome you’re gunning for – sell some stuff, right? A major focus of your communications in this case (whether it be writing emails, blog posts or creating short videos) … should be centered around delivering real value … in delivering quality not just quantity. Now, I want to be clear about something (lest I be remiss and forget). I am NOT telling you to send valuable, encouraging, helpful content to the people on your lists (but don’t try to sell them anything) while you’re doing it.

I’m telling you to stay in touch with your tribe and your prospects (to keep that relationship alive) … and you do that by sending ENORMOUS amounts of valuable content to them (during this Covid-19 Crisis) … but you should also be sending them offers to buy your stuff.

I AM telling you that (if all you send them) … the people on your list … and the people in your marketplace … if all you send them (are offers to buy your stuff) … while all this bad stuff is going on … you’re going to upset a lot of people (and lose them).

So, “NO!” … don’t inundate them with sales pitch after sales pitch in your communications to them right now … but “YES!” (absolutely) … by all means … make them offers on the things you sell.
Here are a handful of key points you’ll want to take note of as it relates to these kinds of communications:

1. You want people to have strong feelings about you as a result of the communication you put in front of them. And you want your perfect prospects to feel like you have feelings about them too. They have to feel you aren’t just out to make a buck.

2. You want to be an advocate of a certain positions and have them accepted and embraced by your perfect prospects.

You’re not just trying to sell stuff and get a client or a fan. You want people to buy your positions and beliefs. For example:

• Direct response marketing is superior to brand advertising … otherwise known as “image advertising.”
• Ugly advertising is better than pretty advertising.

So, getting people to accept positions you stand for is extremely important when it comes to keeping customers.

3. And of course, you’re trying to sell stuff too. Beyond getting people to buy, getting people to interact with you is one of the toughest things you’re charged with doing. Listen … I’ve been doing this for over 25 years now … and (I want to point something out to you lest you get discouraged). You’re never going to get 100% involvement or response (from your clients) … no matter how much money they give them – unless you sit there and make them do it (like in a live seminar.) And right now, we have less control over our tribes than at any other time … so if your clients (especially your best clients) don’t get all excited about the stuff you’re sending them … and if they’re not responding to your offers right now … know that that’s normal … for all of us.

Yes, we’re all in business to make a profit on purpose … but keeping clients “in your tribe” so that after this mess subsides (they’ll start buying from you again) is REALLY, really important right now. So, understanding that the thing that LOYALTY is more important than influence … and (right now) that’s what you’re gunning for. Your clients may not have money to spend right now … like literally (they’re barely hanging on) … and what’s critical to your future success is (creating, building and growing loyalty) … and you’re doing that with the content you send out.

You want people to wear your scout uniforms and drag people back to you. You want people fighting for you like soccer fans in the Premier League do in England … those passionate (crazy people) who are willing to brawl with people (who root for the “wrong” team.) So, you want people talking and thinking about “YOU” right now … and you can create that (by the quality of content) you’re sending out … right now.

4. For a lot of us getting new clients is easy … Keeping them is another challenge in and of itself. Retention. Even if they’re not giving you money right now … or not giving you as much as they were … You want to do what’s necessary so that they’ll stay with you … and that the ones that CAN spend money right now (WILL spend money with you) … and for the ones that can’t spend right now … that you’ll get them to come back and spend money with you when things return to normal. YES … unfortunately some people … a lot of people I fear (are going to go out of business) because of this mess. And (unfortunately) … I’m convinced that a lot of people (who survive the initial shut down) are going to find when we start coming out of this pandemic … that many in their tribe have left them … and they’ve left because (the business owner) … the dentist … the consultant … the chiropractor … the marketing guy … (didn’t keep reaching out to them) during this crisis …. didn’t keep “touching them” with killer content while all this was going on. — And while that’s bad (obviously) … what’s going to happen is that (all of you who DO keep in touch with your tribe and your prospects) … all of you who do (continue delivering value to them) during this time … are going to find that you end up getting a lot of NEW business … you get (a lot of the other guy’s clients) … the guy who wouldn’t invest the time to do what I’m telling you to do.

So, in response to your email Robin … you want to be touching all of these points on a consistent basis when communicating (on purpose) with your perfect prospects and your clients`.

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