#358: Paige Mead Is The Author of The Chocolate Room As Well As CEO of A Leading Business Consulting and Recruiting Agencies In The Dental Industry


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Listen to episode #358 with Recruiting / Business Consulting Expert and Author Paige Mead. Today you'll discover why NOW may be the best time to target the dental industry for a job and/or for your business.

Paige Mead is CEO of a Dental Recruiting and Business Consulting Company

If you offer marketing, business consulting or you’re looking for a sales job selling to dentists NOW is the time.  The Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis has devastated hundreds of thousands of businesses and cost millions of people their jobs. And while many people have been crushed by this, the doors of opportunity have started to open.

The U.S. Economy is opening back up and NOW might be the perfect time for you.  Because RIGHT NOW just might be the perfect time to consider selling products and services to dentists.  For example, if you own a business consulting firm there’s a great opportunity awaiting you in the dental industry.  In addition, if you’ve lost you job due to Covid-19, the dental industry offers opportunities for a new career. 

Therefore, whether you’re a business owner or a job-seeker, the dental industry is where you’ll find the action.  And on today’s episode of the Get Clients Now podcast, Ken Newhouse and Paige Mead shows you how to make your move to the dental industry.

There are tremendous opportunities in the dental industry such as:

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Dental Business Consulting and Recruiting SuperStar Paige Mead Says That There Are Tremendous Opportunities for Jobs and Companies Awaiting You In The Dental Industry RIGHT NOW!

Above all, a professional sales career in healthcare is highly competitive and holds the promise of great financial reward. Most importantly, getting in requires:

  • Firstly, aptitude and ability
  • Secondly, rigorous training
  • Thirdly, stamina and
  • Lastly, intelligence, and dedication to continuous personal and professional growth.

Whether you’re a sales professional or a business consulting professional, you’ve got to keep the bar high. Staying in and succeeding requires consistently high performance and output.

Among the best destinations for a healthcare sales career is the dental industry. Often described as a cottage industry, dental offers the professionalism, technical advancement, and financial rewards of other healthcare spaces.  But with a better quality of life. For sales professionals, this industry is a hidden gem.

The Chocolate Room is the book that explains why, gives you the tools to navigate the industry successfully, and opens the door.

Episode Transcript (PDF) Will Be Available Here on Tuesday, May 26th 2020.

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