#391: Six Ways To Use Video Marketing To Get Prospects and Clients to Open, Read, and Respond to Your Emails with Matt Barnett


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Listen To Episode #391: Discover Six Ways Marketing With Video That Gets Prospects to Open, Read, Respond to Your Emails and Give You Money! Bonjoro CEO, Matt Barnett Reveals His Top Video Marketing Strategies for 2021!

Discover why coaches and consultants with the most profitable businesses are investing more marketing with video in 2021

Bonjoro CEO Matt Barnett reveals six ways you can use video to increase engagement, drive sales and make your business more profitable in 2021

If you’ve been thinking about ways to use video marketing to get clients now, today’s episode is for you.  I’m Ken Newhouse, host of the Get Clients Now podcast and my guest is Matt Barnett, CEO of Bonjoro.

The NEW Covid Economy has likely changed your model for acquiring new clients and lengthened your sales cycle. And when you consider:

  • Firstly; most entertainment options in the marketplace are (now limited or) no longer available which keeps most people at home.
  • Secondly; it should come as no surprise that video consumption is now at an all-time high … and
  • Thirdly; video advertising and marketing has become one of the most-effective methods you can use to get clients now.

The explosion of online video consumption has business owners scrambling in their search for ways to use video marketing effectively.

Marketing with video online is the fastest-growing digital channel by advertising expenditure in 2021.  In fact, data suggests that your clients are consuming online video daily 417% more than they were five years ago! 

With the end of Covid nowhere in sight, the growth rate of video consumption will continue to increase through 2021. 

The growth rate of video consumption will continue to increase through 2021 which is why 95% of business owners are increasing ad spend on video this year. 

Social media marketing strategies have become less effective, which suggests your business should be marketing with video increasingly in 2021.

During today’s conversation with Matt Barnett, you will discover:

  • Firstly; six ways to use video that gets prospects to open, read, respond to your emails, and give you money!
  • Secondly; how video marketing can be incredibly effective at helping you get clients now engaging with existing clients and generating referrals
  • Thirdly; how spontaneous, low-budget produced videos are often more effective (which means you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment) and …
  • Lastly; how the majority of your videos can be shot quickly and easily using a smartphone or computer.

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