356: So You Want To Start A Podcast? Podcast Legend (Host of FIVE Top-Ranked Podcasts) and Bestselling Author Kristen Meinzer Brings You Behind The Curtain and Shows You How Its Done.


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Listen To Episode #356 - Is now the perfect time to start a podcast? Kristen Meinzer (host of 5 podcasts) and bestselling author of: “So You Want To Start A Podcast?” reveals a Coronavirus-generated opportunity that might be too good for prospective podcasters to pass up

So you want to start a podcast with podcast legend and bestselling author Kristen Meinzer

2020 might be the best time to start a podcast for your business. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people to stay home and has (in some cases) skyrocketed podcast downloads. Nationally-recognized podcaster and bestselling author Kristen Meinzer reveals the exact steps you can take to create a popular, successful, and profitable podcast.

I’m Ken Newhouse, host of the Get Clients Now podcast.  And on today’s episode the topic focuses on your desire to start a podcast.  As a result, me and my guest Kristen Meinzer will be looking at what it takes to start and build a successful podcast.

Most importantly, we’re going to look at what’s involved with:

  • Firstly; growing a tribe of raving fans
  • Secondly, what’s involved in creating a group of ravenous clients and
  • Thirdly, turning those clients into repeat buyers

I think it’s fair to say that everybody in the podcasting world knows who Kristen Meinzer is.  But if you don’t you’re in for an incredible treat on today’s show. Kristen Meinzer is the host of FIVE top-ranked podcasts, she’s a podcast consultant and she’s also a bestselling author.

Her most recent bestseller is titled: “So You Want To Start A Podcast? Finding Your Voice Telling Your Story and Building A Community That Will Listen.

So You Want To Start A Podcast? by Kristen Meinzer is now available on Amazon
BOOK GUARANTEE: If you're a subscriber and/or member of the Clients Now Nation: When you buy (and use) this book, you will be able to say that it was worth multiples of the money, time and effort you invested in it. And it helped you achieve amazing success podcasting. If you can't say that, email me at customerservice@kennewhouse.com and I'll buy the book from you.

The Coronavirus pandemic has hurt a lot of businesses. But it has also created significant opportunity for those who are looking to start their first podcast.

If you want to start a podcast, you should invest in this book. For example, this book is in the top three as it relates to number of sales on Amazon (out of hundreds and hundreds of podcasting books). And of all podcasting books on Amazon, it has the highest star rating and reviews.  And those stats should give you a good idea of the immense value awaiting you in today’s episode with Kristen.

I’ve interviewed the authors of  two of the bestselling books on podcasting (read both) if you want to start a podcast.  I interviewed:

Stephen Woessner – Profitable Podcasting (Part #1 on iTunes)

Stephen Woessner – Profitable Podcasting (Part #2 on iTunes)

Kai Davis – Podcast Outreach  

Certainly, Kristen’s book is of the same high-quality but it covers the subject of how to start a podcast from an entirely different angle.

And my hope for today’s show is that it will:

  • Firstly, be the motivation you need to find your voice
  • Secondly, provide the confirmation that your story matters, and
  • Thirdly, serve as the cheering squad you wish for when you’re feeling most discouraged.

But beyond the instruction and encouragement you’ll get from me and Kristen today we’ll also cover the tough stuff.  For instance, we’ll cover:

  • Ideation
  • Direction
  • Structure
  • Storytelling … all foundational to creating a winning podcast.
  • And we’ll cover little-known elements you can use to start a podcast with a bang!

As an example, we’ll cover topics most podcast books and podcasters don’t teach.   To clarify, things like art; heart; and “the craft” of making an exceedingly popular and successful podcast. Now that I’ve touched on that I want to also tell you what today’s show is not. It’s not a technical guide to great podcasting.

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