Social Media Marketing & Bestselling Author Neal Schaffer Reveals How To Attract New Clients Faster and Cheaper Using Influencer Marketing


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Listen To Episode #376: Neal Schaffer Reveals How You Can Get High-Value New Clients and Generate Sales Faster (and Easier) Than You Imagined Possible Using Influencer Marketing The RIGHT WAY!

Episode #376 of the Get Clients Now podcast features host Ken Newhouse and his interview with bestselling author Neal Schaffer, author of The Age Of Influence and Maximize Your Social

If you’re not using Influencer Marketing as a key component of your business marketing strategy, you’re probably missing out on a windfall of new clients and tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in additional revenue

If you want to attract new clients faster, there’s a growing trend you might want to know about.  Because according to a recent study released by Google Trends, 93% of marketers now deploy influencer marketing in their campaigns. 

Have you considered influencer marketing to get new clients, but have held off? For instance, have you hesitated because you’re not sure what an influencer is and which influencers to target?

For example, are you unsure which influencer (Nano, Micro and Macro) is best suited promote your business? And has your fear of making a mistake with influencer marketing affected your ability to attract new clients faster?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you’re absolutely going to love today’s episode with Neal Schaffer. Because he’s going to provide answers to your questions and eliminate 100% of your uncertainty and fear about influencer marketing.

During today’s episode you’ll get a peek behind the curtain and discover the important facts about influencer marketing. Similarly, how you can quickly and effectively deploy it in your business.

100% Money-Back-Guarantee: Purchase, read and deploy the strategies Schaffer outlines in his books "The Age Of Influence" and “Maximize Your Social” and you will generate multiples of multiples of the investment you made. If you follow the books’ blueprints and can't say that, email me at and let me know. I will reimburse you for the cost of the book. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Influencer Marketing and the strategic use of Social Media have quickly become one of the most-effective one-two punches you can use to attract new clients faster!

Get Clients Now podcast host Ken Newhouse presses Schaffer and gets him to reveal his most coveted social media marketing secrets during the interview.

According to a report recently released by Google Trends,, Influencer Marketing has become more popular than print marketing and is (AS POPULAR) as popular as video marketing

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