343: The ONE Thing That Can Improve Lead Generation and Explode Your Sales with Dr. Kevin Hogan


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Listen To Episode #343 of the Get Clients Now podcast:

Recession-Proof Your Business, Increase Lead Generation and Explode Your Sales In 30-Days Or Less with Dr. Kevin Hogan on the Get Clients Now Podcast

Discover The ONE Thing That Can Recession-Proof Your Business, Improve Lead Generation And Explode Your Sales in 30-Days or Less with Dr. Kevin Hogan (2 of 2)

Get prospects and clients to say “yes!” in 7-minutes or less! Dr. Kevin Hogan, one of the World’s leading authorities on the science of influence continues to teach a proven system of persuasion.

On today’s episode Dr. Hogan and host Ken Newhouse present simple secrets that will help you turn “NO’s!” into a “YES’s!” Every secret in today’s episode has been rigorously tested “in the trenches.”

Learn six NEW techniques that will improve lead generation and explode your sales the very first time you try them!

You'll find the video interview for episode #343 in the 2nd half of this video


Ken Newhouse (00:01):
Today’s episode number #343 of the get clients now podcast, and I hope you’re ready for round two with Dr. Kevin Hogan, one of the world’s leading experts in persuasion and body language.

And he’s going to be sharing with us at least a half dozen or more like he did on the last episode, methods that get you clients as it continues to reveal the most effective, most powerful persuasion strategies he’s discovered over the last 12 months so you can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales.

Ken Newhouse (00:52):
Now mind you, Dr. Hogan is one of the world’s leading authorities in ethical persuasion, as I just mentioned, as we talked about on the last episode. But over the last 12 months, Dr. Hogan has made some of his most amazing discoveries in the field of ethical persuasion that he’s ever made before.

Now on today’s episode, the second half of the two part series that I’ve done with him, he’s gonna reveal several of the strategies that he taught in front of an audience of over 4,000 people in Santiago, Chile.

It’s actually where we just did the interview and the title of that presentation was the one persuasion strategy that never fails, so you can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales.

And if you’re like me and if you’re like my most successful clients and members, you’re always on the lookout for methods to get you clients and I promise you, I guarantee you that you are going to be absolutely thrilled and delighted with what you learn in part two of this interview with Dr. Kevin Hogan.

Have a great trip, man.

Ken Newhouse (36:35):
I will. Hey, take care.

Dr. Kevin Hogan is one of the World's leading experts in persuasion and is recognized internationally as someone who can help you explode your sales

Listen, as I mentioned on the last episode, I’ve been a student of Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Robert Cialdini, and just about every top rated marketing and copywriting expert you can think of or name.

And the reason I’ve done this, the reason that I’ve actually studied and trained with these individuals … some I haven’t even mentioned because it is important to be able to share with you methods to get you clients so you can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales.

And one of the methods that you can use to recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales is being able to ethically persuade your prospects, whether it’s prospective clients, prospective customers, or prospective new patients.

You have to be able to ethically persuade them in order to get them to buy what you’re selling and ultimately so you can serve them.

You know, I think it’s fair to say that more now than at any time in our history, people are skeptical. People in the marketplace are skeptical and for good reason and as a direct result of their skepticism of the uncertainty that exists within the marketplace, people are looking for shortcuts to help them make decisions and ethical persuasion is based on knowing how to leverage the shortcuts that people are using to make those decisions.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what Dr. Cialdini has to say on this subject.

Persuasion Expert and Author of the books "Influence" and "Presuasion" Explains The Importance of Persuasion Skills in Business

Dr. Bob Cialdini (02:23):
“Researchers have been studying the factors that influence us to say yes to the requests of others for over 60 years and there can be no doubt that there’s a science to how we are persuaded.

And a lot of this science is surprising when making a decision. It would be nice to think that people consider all the available information in order to guide their thinking, but the reality is very often different in the increasingly overloaded lives.

We lead more than ever. We need shortcuts or rules of thumb to guide our decision making.”

Ken Newhouse (02:53):
But when it comes to persuasion and when it comes to ethical persuasion and being able to get people to take the action you want (specifically in a business setting) … Dr. Hogan is head and shoulders above the rest and I say that even in light of someone like Dr. Bob Cialdini.

Now one of the benefits for me is that Dr. Hogan was literally the first person that I came across in the field of persuasion. So I’ve known him for a very, very long time and I can tell you from personal experience that the things I’ve learned from him and his trainings have literally helped to make me hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars that I wouldn’t otherwise normally made. Maybe even over a million.

I can’t say for sure, but I can say this for certain.  When I first started using his stuff, I was in practice and it made a dramatic, tremendous and immediate difference.

The Strategies I learned from Dr. Kevin Hogan were exactly what you want if you're looking to explode your sales and make a lot more money.

Ken Newhouse (03:28):
Any amount of money that I was able to make as well as my associate doctors were able to make in the satellite clinics that I had at that time.

So not only is what Dr. Hogan teaches very effective is completely and utterly relevant today, probably more relevant today than it was when I first started to utilize it because we didn’t have the internet then.

People were not as skeptical then as they are today. And so what he’s teaching you, what you’re going to learn today is incredibly powerful. It’s very relevant and it just might be more effective than any persuasion strategy you’ve ever seen or come across.

And with that, let’s go and dive back into part two of the interview that I recently did with Dr. Kevin Hogan on the topic of ethical persuasion, so you can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating, explode your sales, attract highly targeted prospects and get them to buy your stuff easily and effortlessly.

Ken Newhouse (04:01):
And remember when you can do that, you can accelerate brand acceptance, skyrocket marketplace significance and status and build your tribe with certainty.

All right, you’re ready? Let’s roll. So can I ask you, can I ask you just a quick segue question and there real quick and then I want to keep you on track.

So if we’re, if we’re digging about what’s not going well for them, we want to maybe start with that but we want to end on the note if we’re in this sequence of what’s going right for them so that they don’t enter into the next phase of questioning or interaction with us with a negative mindset or …?

How to overcome worry so you can recession-proof your business and explode your sales.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (04:30):
Yeah, I really, I really like to have as much good just about your interview and your jobs. Keep me straight as as a, as a person who would, my job is to get audiences to all at the same time figuring out the same end result at the same time. All right.

Ken Newhouse (04:43):
It’s like juggling cats I’m sure.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (04:45):
Correct. Correct. So now now it’s like okay cause I have to hit it basically everybody’s button. This I’d say you probably think you probably have considered, you probably looked at this, you probably worry about this.

Like I tell everybody, let me guess. You worry about the way that you’re going to change how money is going to come into your life next year cause it’s going to be different than it was this year. You worry about how you can so you can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales.

Every single person knows this is a fact. It’s just a fact. That’s how life is. You’re probably concerned about the health of someone in your family.

Who is that person? For example, I’ll ask the person to think from the top, from the front of the stage. You can ask this audience this question. Somebody is always sick.

In our family, somebody is always unhealthy. Somebody always in hospital, somebody always just going to run through challenges and if we realize these are the human condition issues and we never run over and we never forget, never forget about the fact that we’re all going through stuff going through hard times.

It’s like, you know, we want to show the person, make sure they get that. We understand.

A method for overcoming trials and unseen challenges in business and in life

Dr. Kevin Hogan (05:38):
Get what you’re experiencing. I know that you’re going to paint. You know, I left somebody I loved yesterday actually it was a friend of my mom’s died.

Wonderful person, thank you. And Janine was wonderful. God bless. She’ll not get up there. And uh, but it was, it was tough to hear that.

But it’s like that story is in my family. It’s like it’s all around and it’s really that we all get like two people are going through challenges, paints. And when they see that, when we understand that they change how they listen to us now they like, Oh, you understand that somebody cares. [inaudible] actually cares about this. So there’s things that people experience that are common.

So I like to start on disadvantage. What’s problematic right now? Are you having problems recession-proofing your business … improving lead generating and finding a consistent method so you can explode your sales.

By the way, it just says my internet connection connection is unstable. I’m really glad that does have something that refers to mental state.

That’s fine. Just so you guys know other doesn’t say that on my end. So you’re good.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (06:28):
So yes, I’d like to start out in the negative and the positive. And here’s the thing. In any persuasion communication, we don’t want to just talk about positive things, nor do we want to just touch on fear and pain.

We want to get people a movie. We know virtually for research, tons of research. If you ask people questions, ask them to share their movie with you.

Their wins or losses, their fears, their triumphs. This is what causes people to connect with us.

How To Win Clients for Life

We actually connect really well with people that we have a little like duck guy or he could be irritating when he talks about that.

That’s my client for life. That’s my client for life because I didn’t just like pretend that everything was perfect.

So number two, after we’ve talked about the disadvantages and some pessimism about this at school, like what’s going to happen?

Dr. Kevin Hogan (07:09):
Like if you don’t make any changes today, what’s gonna go wrong? Like if you don’t go back to the dentist next week or next month or next year or two years from now, what’s generally going to happen to those people?

How challenging is it going to be? Okay? You don’t have to go. But if you don’t go, what happens? Okay. It’s kind of to suck. It’s like you don’t see if they’re going to look bad. All kinds of rude issues and crown, Oh my God, it’s gonna suck. So we want to show it.

Have people tell us like the pessimism, what happens if we keep doing the status quo? And I said, by the way, we don’t have to use the word status quo with the way things are going now.

All right. Just so everybody thinks I don’t, I use the word satisfied, but you don’t need to.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (07:42):
Everybody else doesn’t have to. They can if it’s appropriate. Okay. All right, so next up I’m going to, what’s the advantage of change?

It’s like if you do want to take the time today and do something with me, so you’re, I’m your coach. 

How To Get Clients To Convince Themselves To Buy Your Stuff

If you are going to use me as a coach, you’re going to hire me for a year or two years or whatever the period is going to be like, why would you do that? Why would you commit to that? What does it actually, our application form for our inner circle group, we like to ask people three different ways at three different times.

Why do you want to work with Kevin? Like what is the upside? What do you get out of it? How do you know? And, and here’s the thing, I didn’t want people to convince themselves and me that it’s the best thing for them.

And the more that people write about, okay, so here’s what Kevin Hogan can do for me. Here’s what I think it’s going to do for me, and here’s how I feel about it. It doesn’t accomplish two goals.

First of all, I can see the person who’s convinced themselves. If I’m not convinced that they’re not going to do good work, they’re going to go up … they’re not going to be my great story for next year, right?

They’re not going to be my rags to riches story. I want that person to be a writer, just start date. So it’s like I want them to do better. Tell me what is going to be the advantage of change?

What’s the advantage of working with me? Buying my product, my service, whatever it is. And this is super important that they do have detailed events like else.

Questions You Can Use When Interviewing Prospects That Lead To Ethical Persuasion and an Explosion of Your Sales

What else? What else? What else? What else is again, one of the great questions. What else? What else do you get out of? How far should we, how far should we take that out? Or what else? How far should we take that? Well, you know, it’s interesting because people never give you the best reason.

First; They give you like reason number 17 they’re like something that’s really safe. Like so what would be an intervention working with Gavin Heath? Well, he did okay with books and I’m writing a book so maybe I’ll do pretty well too. Okay, great. That’s number one. Okay.

But it’s really number 17 I want to hear something that’s a little more impressive than, you know, I want to hear it. I want to hear this. As soon as I hear this, you know, if I worked with Kevin, I know that he understands business because he’s worked with so many different people and I know that if he can help these people with this businesses where the government hold under the Catholic church ever else, he’s actually been invited to work with.

Nothing to do is end to begin with. I can’t imagine that. My little problem here, just my life and my family, now I’m sold, now I’m sold and now when I’m sold, chances are pretty good they’ll be sold to.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (09:44):
So we’ve had this two way communication that breaks down. So as soon as you’re compelled and convinced that’s the one right there. Now I think we have each other, you know, it’s like they have me, I have done, they’re my next success story.

And from my, from their perspective, I’m the person that’s going to be their story. Cause I wouldn’t have worked with Kevin Hogan.

This wouldn’t have happened as soon as I know they have that story to tell. I’m good to go. And that’s where I read it. Makes sense. Yup. Okay. And then the third second is advantages are not the same as optimism.

Advantages are not the same as optimism. Now, optimism, we just talked about pessimism, pessimism of the status quo.

People who are only optimistic usually end up getting hit by trains that they didn’t think were going to cross the railroad tracks, texts that they thought the train stop and it didn’t.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (10:24):
So pessimism is really important. It’s very important that we teach people how to be pessimistic. Intellectually.

It’s like, let’s talk about those pessimistic pieces, but then we want to get to the optimistic piece. So why do you think you can improve even though you haven’t until now? Like what have you done, right? Like what have you done right?

When somebody worked with youth baseball culture, a football coach or basketball coach or a swimming coach, like when did you do good with a coach?

Well, actually I did do pretty well with my swimming coach. Now what did he do or she do that made you so good at swimming?

How did you get to where you are? How did you get to 341 podcasts? Okay, that’s the question I would ask you. Like how’d you get to 341?  Who was the person who made the difference?

Dr. Kevin Hogan (11:01):
Because there’s somebody out there that made a difference in that three 41 that’s a lot of podcasts. I’ve done 40 not many who have done it. Thousands, you know, not too many.

341 podcasts is like top 5%. Okay, so why does 10 get to 341 that story right there is compelling evidence that this mentor or this person that he sort of had in the Rolodex in his brain actually mattered.

There’s like it drove a person forward. I always have a few people in my mind all the time. Elsom Eldridge, my, my mentor, and there’s a few other people that matter in life, family and friends that I just need to be proud of.

It’s like I got it. It’s like if everything falls apart elsewhere, if these three guys are proud of me, I’m good to go. And this, whether they’re people that I talk to every day in real life or once a month on the phone, whoever it is, the final, these people, they really want to see me do good.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (11:49):
They want to see us do the right thing. The best thing that’s we want to get her optimism. I’m optimistic because when I think about also I just get stuff done and I do, and I write the books and I make sure that everybody around the world reads them and then their stories that they tell about Kevin Hogan.

I love hearing gossip. I love it. You know what happened? I did this and it worked. I can’t believe it, but it had $17,000 last week.

But it’s more than I made last year. Stories like that. It makes you feel good. Right?

So optimism for change. So what’s, okay, so now we don’t get advantages of a big deal. There’s advantages to working out, right? Get stronger. You could be healthier, you could live longer.

Does that mean people are going to do anything? Heck no. It doesn’t mean anything.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (12:27):
It just means they see the advantage. Okay, so to heck with the advantages there are nice, but we’ve got to move on now. Like why do you believe, why do you believe it can happen? How do you know it will help? How do you know Kevin really tells you where it was? Somebody else? How do you know what’s really going to happen?

Like when have you had a similar experience? And I love the similar experience because people can sort of draw the parallel side by side and they can see Kevin with Michael Phelps, the swimmer or whoever, whoever the person is side by side with Kevin, they can put them together and go,

Oh, you know what? You know, I can see how that actually would work. Having been kind of tough on people. Michael Phelps is really tough, dude. The guy says, okay, do it again and again and again and again and again.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (13:09):
And it’s like as soon as your number one, you can stop. Right. All right. And that’s kinda like what it’s like to work with me. It’s a real pain in the butt. It’s like, that’s okay, you failed. I don’t care. It go again. Carry on. Good job. Let’s make a tweak here. Adjust this, adjust that, adjust this so you can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales.

Pretend out of the 341 … 10 of them were terrible. Somewhere more than 10 were terrible. 24 books I can point out too, but I wasn’t very happy with. I really wrote that I could have done better.

So we’re real. But overall, pretty happy about the results cause I have optimism for change. That’s how you want to think of why should this person work with me? I can’t tell them. They gotta tell me like, how do you know this is gonna work? When have you had a similar experience? How has that like me?

Dr. Kevin Hogan (13:54):
How has that connection happened? Tie that together. Have them tie that together. Don’t suggest it. Let them suggest it to you. So why else? Why else? Why else? And as soon as the one that’s like this comes up, that’s where we stop. Stop on your, the real, reasonable, best, reasonable, you know the very best reason so you can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales.

Finally, number four. The fourth piece is the intention to change. All right, now just think about this for a second. We’ve got the disadvantages. Why you life is not so good. We celebrating five years from now if we keep doing what’s going on today.

Number two, we’ve got the advantages of the change that we’re going to do with this person, whatever the changes.

Number three, we have the optimism because working with Kevin or Ken or somebody is gonna be really cool. And I like that. They’re gonna be tough on me.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (14:31):
They’re gonna make sure that I was the gold medal. But even so, even with all of that, if they don’t have the intent, they can still, intellectual knowledge is still just intellectual knowledge. They still know that going into the dentist is logical. They still know that working with Kevin would be smart.

They still know that working with tens will make them better. But here’s the deal, here’s the deal. Will they do it? And how do I know and what can I do? So another question is this, not every coach should ask this question because I ask it for every client. Every client will watch this. So here’s the thing, what do you want me to do if I work with you?

What permission do I have? How hard can I push you to succeed? Now we have the implied relationship, right? Yes. So from the old sales perspective, the old school days, it’s basically you’re saying, so we basically put the person, puppy, dog, puppy dogs home now. All right, the puppy does home taking these marginally ethical tools and we just flipped everything to the a hundred percent of the goal.

So the person tells us everything. So now it’s okay. Now what am I going to do on your desk? What the heck do you really want me to do? How often do you want me to take your x-rays? I don’t know. How often should I have them done?

Do you want me to tell you never answered the question. Get permission. Do you want me to tell you? Yes. Okay, well you get it done twice a year.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (15:52):
Let’s say it’s twice a year. So here we are. So now I say twice a year. That’s what is the best thing because that’s how we can stop problems from happening.

So you keep a full set of teeth over the course of your life. Cool. Messed up. What else? What else? What else is in there you can use to  recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales?

Like why do you want this thing to happen? Why do you want to make this extra money is just money or is it or is it like what does it mean to you?

What does having that, that egg, when the next bad thing happens, like what’s helping that save your family? How would that help you? And by the way, this last week, 10 years from now, so they don’t have a 10% drop at a 12% drop in the stock party last week.

I’m old. I don’t remember 12% well, we can edit invested.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (16:29):
So that was a kid that’s terrible. So if I had, if I had 12% of $100 means I had 88 bucks left. All right. 12% of a million means I have 800 wow. 880,000 means I have a little more money to like, you know, make some more mistakes with 88 bucks left. Doesn’t give me much room for food. Right?

Have the person continue to tell us what is their intent? Why is the sole important that you do this? Why are you, why? Why are we even having this conversation? Why? Why do I know that you’re going to accomplish this? Is it so you can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales?

You know, what do you want me to do to push you? What you want me to do with that? How often do you want us to follow up with you? How often do you want me to follow up with you?

Do you want us to write to four times a year to remind you of your funds?

Dr. Kevin Hogan (17:06):
We dropped the postcard in the mail. Do you want us to put your name on it? Yeah, of course. Why not? Why wouldn’t you? I don’t know. I’m just asking. Okay. So now they’ve given me permission to give them, so again, old school sales techniques concerned into 100% ethical, 100% perfect, 100% client center base and now the person is telling us what they want. And by the way, when the client says, don’t you dare, I don’t want to talk to you.

And we don’t email them, right? It’s like we respect whatever the client wants and we give them 100% of what they want. If a recession comes of course, well because I want to be a millionaire next year.

Now, I do have a story like this, a few of them actually, but Dan young up in Alaska who went from $60,000 to a million in one year, 1.1 million lesson.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (17:47):
I love him. He’s not. My typical story is I tell everybody that doesn’t happen. Typically it does happen, but not typically.

So we’ve got to remember that, and by the way, that’s a nice little sales tool too. It’s called flagging. I mentioned something at the very best, the very best case. That would be my personal story. $60,000 to a million. That’s creating a flag by sending the flag on the top of the world or on the moon. Right?

And so now the person has a flag. I will double back and I’ll say, don’t think that’s going to happen to you this year because now the person is actually going to start closing this off.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (18:23):
I could do, all right, what happens if I do the book? My kids would be telling everybody we’d have a host. It doesn’t.

The windows work, you know, it’s like whatever the deal is, like the person’s mind will start moving a little bit and our goal is not to push.

We don’t need to ever push again, exegetical persuasion almost a hundred percent of the time. Once we’ve got the person’s intent to change and they’ve given me permission to push them into match them along, great, I feel good.

And I’ll say, okay, we start now. Okay, this is the beginning of your first session. Let’s go to work now like right now, and this is where we begin. And then we set up our schedule and we go forward into how we’re going to schedule time.

We schedule their time so they have the time. If you’re a dentist it’s like, okay, here’s the deal.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (19:05):
Sugar, no problem. A lot of sugar. Okay, so let’s just get that part set. It’s like, yes, you need sugar. Of course you can. No, you don’t want to have a lot of it cause you’ll pay whatever the things are.

We’re going to now tell them how to, we’re going to lay out their teaser for them and then we’re going to have a look at that and go tell me what is going to work for sure. Will this work? Will this work? Will this work? Will this work? Will this work? Will this work Kevin? I think it’s going to go pretty damn share. Pretty darn sure.

Really like guaranteed. Like you say it. It’s like this. The Saudis use this example. If you say, honey, I’m going to the grocery store. You go to the grocery store. Does she say to you, Oh, I really believe in you. I really know you can do it. I know you can get to the grocery store.

Remember to pick this up cause I know you’re the best and you’ll do it and then we’ll see by getting to the grocery store. Where are you going? I’m going to the gas station. I’m getting the gas. It’s like, I really believe in you, Kevin. I know you can do it. You can make it to the grocery store. It could be the same thing.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (19:59):
I know you can do it. I really believe in you. Okay? I don’t ever want to hear stuff like that out here. That’s how I know the person’s ready. Yeah, I can do this.

This is not hard. I had my client, George Mason, George Mason is the author in New York, one of the smartest men I’ve ever met in my life.

This guy is smart and he said to me one day, he said, you know Kevin, I could probably get somebody to write this book for me, the New Client Machine that can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales … and I said, let me ask you a question.

“When somebody meets you, do you want them to meet like a guy from Kansas or do you want them to meet you?”

I want them to meet me. He says, because I mean I’m the best at this. I said, why don’t we do hire somebody who’s not the best? I read your book. It’s like you are, you are the product.

Absolutely wait, label your book, man. It’s not you. I look who you are. You are the toughest person I know in the world. You make people do stuff. You read the book, he wrote it. It’s an awesome book.

By the way, the client, I should show you how to get clients. It’s pretty cool. Skip two things guys. Remember the old days, some of the old school stuff we found out didn’t work. So skip the [inaudible].

Ken Newhouse (21:05):
Yeah, that’s what one of the questions I was going to ask you. You mentioned in the article that asking your prospective client or your patient or your customer, you know, using those questions that are designed to generate the multiple sequential yeses to help you in the sales process is probably like a bad idea of what, let’s talk about that for a minute.  Let’s talk about the eight strategies you can use to get clients now and keep them coming.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (21:23):
Yeah. You know, for years, I mean, conceptually the idea is great to have somebody sharing things that they agree with, but actually they’re only agreeing with what I’m saying.

Okay. So certainly being in church on Sunday or Saturday or whatever, and people not want to really conservative in the audience.

When one pastor said something, you said, amen. He said, that’d be so basically is what the deal is. Right?

Ken Newhouse (21:43):
I’m a devout Christian … and I’ve been a member of the Baptist church for 25 years. So yeah, that’s what I’ve grew up with.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (21:50):
So this is great enough. So here’s the, here’s seven here, right? So, so now here’s the thing. So yes, you say, Hey man, and we give the guy affirmation.

But here’s the deal. We also have something called testimonials. Not only do we say we agree with you, they say, come on up, tell the story. Well, here’s the deal.

I was reading the Bible one day and I figured out this is the right way to go. And he’s like, and then what happened? And then what happened? And as soon as he knows he’s got a testimonial that he needs for his people to like Ken. Got it.

If this poor man can get it to anybody, you know? And now what? He didn’t ask me, he didn’t ask me a yes set of questions. He had me tell the story, right? He said yes. He told the story that the audience, the congregation said yes.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (22:32):
Right? So conceptually, this is where I want all the people listening to the broadcast to be. I don’t want you to say so would it be a really good idea to own 2021 vehicle this year?

Would it be a good idea if that was a Lexus, would it be okay if it had four wheels on it? Yes, I think it would. Okay.

There comes a point where people go, I remember I read about this sales tactic. It’s terrible. Kevin’s been grotesquely unfavorably manipulative towards me. I ask questions that have no leading question intentionally tell me the advantage of this test school.

I have no idea what’s going disadvantages. Where’s the pessimism? Where’s the optimism? Why are things gonna go, well? How do I actually know you’re going to do this stuff? How do I know that I’m the right person? I’m asking questions that guide them to tell me whatever their answers are, are the answers. There’s zero chance that they can have any more reactance or resistance to me if they tell me the whole story and I simply go, okay, I like that.

Let’s do that and let’s start now. Yes. Yes. Okay, cool. That’s why

Ken Newhouse (23:25):
This is all internal decision triggers we’re talking about … this is exactly how you can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales.

So, correct me if I’m a yes or yes, this is you’re generating the internal decision process in your prospects with the methodology that you’ve created here, correct?

Dr. Kevin Hogan (23:36):
That’s absolutely correct. That’s totally correct. We’re taking an old idea, we’re taking an old idea, but we’re turning it into something that’s 100% ethical and something that feels right to the person and they know it because they have no more resistance to you.

They have no more reaction to say that through manipulation, they can say anything they want. They can say any words they want, any sentences, and whatever they say is the way it’s going to go. That’s what’s going to happen. If they say:

“Kev, you can’t push me that hard cause my wife working 12 hours a day. Oh, okay, so 10 hours a day it would be correct.”

Yes. Well, I’m not going to override his 12 hours a day. I will, however, talk with his wife, with him on the telephone. I’ll say, I’ve got a question for you. I say, what do you want to do for your husband to do for your family that’s going to change your family’s life and explode your sales?

I actually talked to wives and husbands and people that I coach. That is cool because now I find out both sides of the equation, not just the man or the woman’s like feel of what their spouse thinks and what the actual spouse thinks to themselves and what they will do to push their spouse towards being successful, for example. So that’s, there’s that too.

Ken Newhouse (24:35):
That’s awesome. How are you doing on time? You got time for some more questions or, okay, cool. So I’m going to make sure I’m in the right sequence, but you talked about the four transformational messages that must be used in every successful communication so you can recession-proof your business … improve lead generating and explode your sales.

So if we did, we didn’t talk about those yet. I’d like to, if we could, and talk about why they’re sick, why they are absolutely necessary to be successful at ethical persuasion.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (24:54):
So we do, we do have the messages. It is correct because we’ve got the disadvantage of the pessimism. They have to give us the second one being advantage of change.

Here’s the confusion for the listener and for me is this, that you think messaging. We’re always like us going forward a message to the client, but really it really is.

It seriously gets those messages the client is telling us because those are the messages that they’re telling us is precisely what we will use to have them lay out what the schedule and that’s what they’re going to do for us.

It is so unintuitive. It is so not intuitive. It takes us, it takes a few times to utilize this tool before we get great at it, but after we do, we’ve got some transformational literally needs.

They’re telling us how they’re going to transform your own life and you and I are simply approving the brief and finding out what else, what else, what else, what else, what else, what else, what else, what else to make sure the whole picture of all the things.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (25:47):
You’ll just have a little sketch and we don’t have a filtered picture with that picture on like Instagram or something like that. We got a real picture of how screwed up it is. How good is it?

Something we’re going to fix it for her, but I have to have the client tell me fix it.

What is it going to take to recession-proof her business … improve lead generating and explode your sales?

Those are the messages that are going to transform. It works. This is powerful and it’s not intuitive. It’ll take a few times for people get used to it. You’ll be happy though that you did for sure.

Ken Newhouse (26:12):
You know, this is one of the first things that I remember using that I learned from you that helped me explode my sales … and you definitely didn’t go into it in the kind of a sophistication that you’re going into an hour the depth.

But one of the questions, and this was way back when I was in practice, one of the questions that I used to ask patients, and I was set up so that I could do this without fear of losing anyone is the marketing system I had set up, really put super qualified people in front of me.

But one of the questions that I just love to ask was take a minute or two and tell me, um, why I should accept you as a patient and how you’re going to benefit by being my patient.

And literally when was a terrified to try that. And when I first did it, people were trying to convince me because I said, Hey, listen, I’ve got a limit. I’ve got more people, which was true. I have more new patients coming in here than I can fit into my schedule. And that’s by design. I can’t accept all of you.

So I need to take the people who are going to benefit the most from my care. So take a minute or two, tell me why she accepts you as a patient. Tell me how you’re going to benefit from being under my care. How’s that improve your life?

And boy would they come up with some powerful reasons and convince themselves … I would watch the lights come on.

They were convincing themselves that I was the best. That obvious choice is their doctor.

And I do that now with clients do just like, and I want to give you credit for that because it’s a, it’s definitely something I learned from you a long, long time ago.

From that, from that DVD course or see we actually see the course that I bought for bought from you. Wow. That’s been 20 years ago. Maybe it’s been over. Yeah, I still have it because it genuinely helped me explode my sales.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (27:29):
My favorite, uh, my, some of my favorite tools are from the early days like you know, psychology, persuasion, simple book, just a good simple book.

If people want to start something we can breeze through, they’ll highlight it. You know, it’s fine. I was a, I did a gig in Warsaw in broad swath maybe two years ago now, almost two years ago.

And we had about 4,000, I want to say 40,000 people. And at the end they had 260 people that wanted to come and shake hands, get all your information so they could recession-proof their business … improve lead generating and explode your sales.

So all these people are coming up. It was really cool, very humbling. And then one guy comes up with posted notes all the way through.

All of them and, and I said to everybody watching out there, we were done with the event, the places clearing out, but there were like 200 people waiting to come up and talk and I said, you know what?

This is the guy who’s going to be a millionaire next year photographer. You also have to be, she says, actually he was our top number one salesman. He’s more than a millionaire.

Ken Newhouse (28:26):
Nice, nice. So he’s actually putting rubber on the road day is actually putting an action to it. So you’ve got time for like two questions.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (28:33):

Ken Newhouse (28:34):
Okay. You talked about the primary problem with the, with the, with the methodology or the strategy most of us are using to try to persuade other people to buy our stuff … so you can explode your sales.

What’s the primary problem? I think we’ve kind of covered it, but I want to ask it more in a direct that you’ve definitely given the answer to that question already. We’re trying to convince or persuade

Dr. Kevin Hogan (28:49):
I mean, yes. I think some things under the, the thing of it is this, I want you to have, I want everybody to have possible solutions for clients.

Whatever, whoever they need, you know, they should have it sort of like, you know, in disaster scenarios, persons get cancer.

Do you want the chemo? Do you want to do a surgery? Do you want to do both?

And I really think that people need to be informed of other possibilities. I think this is the one who stayed to make those salespeople as marketers, as people that are coaches, people that are advising people on a professional level is that sometimes our own opinion gets in the way of success because most of the time for sure and so are you with your patients, you’re right most of the time at the same time, it never, it never hurts to listen to what the patients like, what they’re telling you.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (29:26):
Cause sometimes they actually give you information that’s pretty helpful. Like I did do this, I did do this, I tried this and it didn’t work. Here’s the deal.

No placebos are powerful. Right? And so if the person believes that this medication, I still work with people, you know psychology, right? That was the background. To this day, I still see people for psychology, maybe for therapy, I don’t know, two people a month.

Maybe if it’s a very special case or something like that, and they will tell me something that will often surprise me. I’m going to try that.

Medication stuff doesn’t always work the way I think it will. So what do you think will work? Well, let me tell you right now, whatever the deal is, if their genetics are wired for placebo response, positive placebo response, I’m going to let them try their placebo. It’s like, let’s integrate that into this plan.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (30:09):
Let’s do that… let’s help you explode your sales. It’s what the client has something have. I really think I should be buying silver instead of gold, silver, precious metals there.

They’ve gone up. We told them a year and a half ago, $100 off. It’s like last one is coming soon to a theater near us. So it’s 25% increase. That’s not going to get crushed. So the deal is if they want it, if they want to buy silver, let them buy silver.

Okay, it’s okay. It’s close. If they wanna take Klonopin instead of Xanax, if they wanna take hydrocodone instead of whatever, if they want to use this, this tool instead of that tool, if it really isn’t going to make that much difference, if it’s likely to have like statistically likely to have the same result, the very placebo effect, they think that it’s more valuable than the stuff that didn’t work. That saves a lot of work.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (30:53):
If I can help you explode your sales, I’m not going to replicate what somebody else did, didn’t work, right. I don’t want that. So instead of just saying, this will take care of every problem, you have a wonderful thing and you can drive it home today.

Maybe we just ask a few more questions. Belize elicitation is a pretty cool thing. We know from surveys, actually the Huffington Post, I used to write for them, I was the only a relatively conservative person that actually ever wrote for topics and posts and I really enjoyed the experience.

I really did. It was great and I learned a lot because they do good research. It’ll drive you crazy by the way, after a while, that’s why it’s past tense.

But nevertheless, I did get something good out of it. What I found was, is that when you ask value’s elicitation questions, you actually programmed the person’s minds believe it.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (31:31):
So if I say to you, for example, you know, Donald Trump said that this is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Now everybody, the reason I hate that tomorrow morning, but if I find the same sentence and I find where Barack Obama said, and I said, you know what a I volumes to say blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Same dog gone sentence, same sentence. Almost almost everyone agrees. So here’s the thing, when we ask questions correctly, attributing things to the people that we know are their heroes were the people that they desperately hate.

We, we almost guarantee the response that we need by putting the emphasis to the person who is evil or good in their mind.

And that’s a pretty darling little tool by the way. That’s a test that on blue, those things a little bit.

Ken Newhouse (32:12):
That’s high level stuff. That’s like black belt, 21st degree black belt stuff right there. That’s stuff you can use to explode your sales if I ever heard it.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (32:17):
Fully true.

Ken Newhouse (32:18):
What about the golden key that Kevin, you talked about the golden key and how a lot of times we’re just trying to sell solutions or offer solutions to our clients, customers or patients and they want more than that. If as an example, you want to explode your sales … they need more than just a solution to their problem. Can you talk about that for a few minutes?

Dr. Kevin Hogan (32:29):
Yeah. The, wow, this is a forever conversation, but let’s just not show up. The nutshells desk. People want something, right? They want to be out of pain.

For example, they want to have more money, sleep in four to go and take the wife to a really fun vacation trip. So they want something. But part of my job is to make sure that they get both two things.

  1. What do they want and
  2. What do they need?

So it’s sort of like dealing with kids because all of us really are old kids. Okay. I don’t know a lot of people who that people always say, I’m like, you wouldn’t believe it.

You just wouldn’t believe it. Okay, so I go, you’ll have to Google. All right, here’s the deal. I feel 17 just like I did when I was 17 it’s weird. That’s crazy. But that’s the deal.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (33:15):
That’s what I think. It doesn’t really feel like you’re 17 I go, yeah, do you feel this is 50 years old? He’s like, well, actually kind of the same. Maybe 22 I’m like, Oh, that’s a long way from 17 okay, so the person has feelings inside you.

They look at themselves very different than then they look at the rest of the world. We all do and so they often go by, that’s what I need or that’s what I want. Well, we have to make sure that they get both. If we give them what they want, (which is to explode your sales) … they are more likely to follow and pursue.

Just getting a person, what they need is not enough. If we just give person what they need, they will quit.

You need to quit smoking. Okay, well good luck with that. Okay. Hard work, hard work, but if we give them what they want to, I kind of like ice cream bars. How about three weeks? Is that okay? That’s okay.

Okay. That’s your cigarette. That’s how you’re going to be your cigarettes from Noah. Okay. We have to give people what they want and what they need to blend them together and we actually solve problems because now we can person motivation.

They will actually drive forward if we just solve the need, which is always think just what they need. But that’s not enough to keep the person moving forward. Do both. We have to do both.

Ken Newhouse (34:25):
Nice. Last question.  You’ve shown us at least a half dozen ways you can explode your sales today … but let me ask you this:

What’s the one question today that I should’ve asked you but I didn’t?

And then we’ll talk about, uh, again, I’ll just refresh everybody with your, with your website links and things like that. But what’s the one question I should have asked today that I didn’t in light of our topic?

Dr. Kevin Hogan (34:40):
Uh, KEPCO is tool we can use today that we can implement instantly upon going home with the wife, the family, the kids in our office, workers tomorrow.

Any answer, grab a stack of sticky notes, grab a stack of sticky notes, address your address, your uh, your wife is honey, can we, can we go here? Can we do this?

Whatever, the little one, one sentence messages and then sign your initial K. this is the coolest thing. There’s some of the best research in the last five years. Harvard business review posted in my book “The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say “Yes” in 8 Minutes or Less!”

This is one of the 10 chapters. I wrote a lot about this maybe four years ago, five years ago.

Ken Newhouse (35:16):
I remember. Yeah.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (35:17):
And it was fun and we’ve had so many wonderful results. It’s such a variety. It’s such a broad spectrum of everything from getting people back together for reunions, for veterans who are foreign Wars that have post traumatic stress disorder, to get them to actually having families get along better.

It’s actually getting kids to do their projects as an agency to get rid of that. So that’s the deal. Use the posted note. Always put love dad, love Kay and put the person’s first name or their initial of their name, close enough to them just like T orK or whatever.

And then four or five words, no more, four or five words. This is probably the most powerful tool you can have the most fun with. Helps drive him crazy for the rest of your life.

That posts productivity will increase. Grades will get better. Life will be happier. The us will be happier, especially when it says, honey, let me know what I can pick up at the grocery store.

Ken Newhouse (36:05):
Nice. Okay, Dr. Kevin, just real quick, us your website one more time.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (36:11):
www.KevinHogan.com if they want to stop for the success algorithm, get information.

www.KevinHogan.com/success-algorithm and they can go and see me on Facebook. Kevin Hogan, PhD to Facebook tech, Kevin Hogan, PhD. That’ll get you in. You just friend me and say hello.

Ken Newhouse (36:28):
Sweet. And then I’ll make sure I put all those links in the show notes stuff. Kevin, it was awesome. Thank you so much for doing the show.

Dr. Kevin Hogan (36:34):
Have a great trip, man.

Ken Newhouse (36:35):
I will. Hey, take care.

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