#373: The Ultimate System For Virtual Selling And Presenting. Introducing the R.I.S.E. Framework!


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Listen To Episode #373: Get Clients Now podcast host Ken Newhouse Reveals The Ultimate System for Virtual Selling and Winning Presentations – The R.I.S.E Framework. The virtual selling system that works EVEN BETTER in a bad economy.

Ken Newhouse, host of the Get Clients Now podcast reveals the R.I.S.E. system for virtual selling success on episode #373

If you’re like most business owners today, you want a predictable way to generate sales virtually … especially in a bad economy. If your sales process has been turned on its head, the R.I.S.E. Framework can revolutionize your business's selling system now.

If you’re looking for The ultimate system for virtual selling look no further.  Get Clients Now podcast host Ken Newhouse reveals the R.I.S.E. framework on today’s episode.

The R.I.S.E. framework is a virtual sales system you can deploy easily and effortlessly to increase sales conversions consistently.  That is to say, the R.I.S.E. framework is a virtual selling system that works EVEN BETTER in a bad economy.

The Chinese Coronavirus has turned our economy and “normal” of way of doing business on its head.  Granted, President Trump has done an amazing job and the economy is rapidly improving.  But, make no mistake about it.  Virtual selling has now become the norm and will be into the foreseeable future.

As a result, your success in business now depends almost exclusively on your ability to present and sell virtually.

The Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic has literally changed the way you do business and the way that you sell for long into the foreseeable future.

When you think about doing virtual sales presentations, do you get an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach? 

When you begin a virtual meeting or sales presentation on:

  • Zoom
  • Go-To-Meeting
  • Or Skype …

are you plagued with uncertainty and a lack of confidence? 

Are you still trying to discover the best method for asking for the sale? That is to say, asking in a way that feels easy, natural and effortless?

As you consider the reality that virtual selling has now replaced face to face selling are you looking for a virtual sales system?

Are you looking for a presentation framework that can increase sales by as much as 240 to 310%.

Recently I was on a zoom call with a joint venture partner of mine, and she asked me a very serious question.

She said; “Ken, what would you do if you lost your business tomorrow? What would you do if you lost your business and you were faced with the fact reality that you had 90 days before you had to generate revenue, let’s imagine that all your savings were gone.

You had nothing left. You had enough to cover yourself for 90 days, or you’re gonna lose your house, your cars, you were going to lose everything.”

So I thought about it for a minute. It’s a very serious question. And my response was actually quite simple. I said; “You know, I couldn’t rebuild my entire business in 90 days, you know, after all it’s taken me quite a while to build this up …”

Download the R.I.S.E. Framework (PDF) and the Episode Transcript (100% Free) Below... NO EMAIL REQUIRED!

“… but certainly without question, I could generate enough revenue to cover my expenses within that 90 day period in multiples.”

To clarify, the reason I could do that is because years ago I learned a framework. I discovered The ultimate system for virtual selling.
In fact, I’m going to give you a virtual sales system on today’s show. It’s so effective that you can use it whether presenting face-to-face or virtually to generate more sales.

I’m gonna unpack it and reveal it to you, so you’ll never have to struggle with virtual or face to face meetings or sales presentations ever again.
This also means that:

  • Firstly, the days of killing yourself trying to build your business
  • Secondly, the days of worrying if the prospects that you’re doing a presentation for are going to accept your recommendations and give you a big
  • Thirdly, whether you’re selling a product, a service or an idea

…those days are now over with!

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