#392: The ULTIMATE Way To Monetize Your Podcast, Get Clients Now And Make Your Business Profitable Again with Ken Newhouse


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Listen To Episode #392: The ULTIMATE Guide for Transforming Your Podcast Into a Trojan Horse of New Client Acquisition with Ken Newhouse

Listen To Episode #392 of the Get Clients Now Podcast and Discover The ULTIMATE Way To Monetize Your Podcast, Get Clients Now And Make Your Business More Profitable In 2021 with Ken Newhouse

What If Every Coach, Consultant or Entrepreneur Who Wanted To Have A Podcast (But Was Afraid To Get Started) Knew These Facts? They’d Learn This …

When you’re looking for ways to monetize your podcast, does the thought of listening to another useless podcast concern you? Even worse, does it frustrate you to listen to podcasts heavy on the hype and skimping on substance?

We both know how precious your time is and that’s why I’m mentioning this right up front.

If the thought of discovering podcast monetization strategies that you can use to:

  • Firstly; build a podcast you can use to bring high-value new clients into your business appeals to you…

Understand that today’s episode contains the exact information needed to help achieve your goal.

I’m Ken Newhouse, host of the Get Clients Now podcast.  Before I show you how to consistently monetize your podcast, I want to share three important time facts with you.

This strategy helps my clients and coaching members decide if an activity is a worthwhile investment of their time. And I’m sharing it with you so you will know that today’s episode is a worthy investment of your time.

Here they are:

  • You can always get more clients (even in the heart of the NEW Covid Economy!)
  • You can always make more money.
  • But you can’t get more time!
Ken Newhouse's NEW book: Profitable Podcast Blueprint contains podcast monetization strategies that transform your podcast into a powerful "Trojan horse" for bringing high-value clients into your core business ... consistently!

"My show ran for eleven months before I stumbled onto these podcast monetization strategies and I've invested the last three years perfecting them..."

On today’s episode you’re going to learn my best kept secrets you can use to monetize your podcast. I’m going to reveal my personal framework and the exact podcast monetization strategies I use to monetize my podcast.

This is the exact framework I used to:

  • Firstly; build the Get Clients Now podcast and skyrocket it to the top of my category in iTunes
  • Secondly; generate over 150,000 downloads in 2020 (in spite of Covid!)
  • Lastly; produce an average (initial) transaction of new clients I brought into my core business from my podcast of $34,211!

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