#379: Think Like A Marketer And Your Business Will More Easily Become Consistently Profitable According To Kate Colbert, CEO of Silver Tree Communications


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Listen To Episode #379: When you want new clients do you think like a marketer? Does the ROI your business generates from your marketing efforts embarrass and frustrate you? Bestselling author and CEO of Silver Tree Communications Kate Colbert reveals why the marketing campaigns of some business owners (who know next to nothing about marketing) almost always produce huge returns!

Kate Colbert of Silver Tree Communications reveals how learning how to think and act like a marketer versus having a 100% sales focused mindset can transform your client acquisition strategies faster than you can imagine.

If the results that your marketing campaigns produce embarrass and frustrate you, perhaps it's time to act like a marketer and take the approach Kate Colbert is using to help her clients generate record returns in the NEW Covid Economy?

Why do business owners who think like a marketer consistently outperform their competitors?  Have you thought about what it means to act like a marketer? Perhaps you want to approach your business like a marketer, but you’re not sure where to start?

On today’s episode of Get Clients Now podcast, Kate Colbert is our guest.  Host Ken Newhouse and Colbert go deep into the discussion about what you can do to get clients now.

If your business is like most others, it’s driven by a sales mindset. That is to say that a sales mindset is not the same as a marketing mindset. Few business owners act like a marketer and as a result few companies are truly marketing driven. For instance, Colbert believes that that is likely what is holding you back from building a consistently profitable business. 

If you're like most business owners, you're uncertain about how to approach your business like a marketer. Your business is using a "sales-centric" vs. "marketing-centric" approach for getting new clients.

Most business owners tend to think of marketing as:

  • Firstly; a functional area or a cost center, or…
  • Secondly; (in the best cases) a strategic driver of business.

For instance, most business owners still think of marketing in terms of department agencies, campaigns, and projects. Meanwhile, the truth that no one is speaking is that what you need:

  • Firstly; more than a great marketing director, or…
  • Secondly; a great marketing agency …

Is to approach your business like a marketer because it’s the only way to achieve profitable, sustainable growth for your business.

Think Like A Marketer author Kate Colbert is today's guest on the Get Clients Now podcast
100% Money Back Guarantee! Invest in Colbert's book, deploy the strategies she gives in the book and your ability to get new clients into your business will skyrocket. If follow her plan and can't say that, email me at customerservice@kennewhouse.com and I will personally reimburse you for the book. (No Questions Asked).

I’ve been a direct response marketer and copywriter for the last 23 years. And I’ve seen literally dozens and dozens of clients go from frustration and struggle to success, growth, and enormous levels of profit when they finally started to think like a marketer. 

Their shift in perspective where they began to think like a marketer, made a significant impact on the profitability of their businesses. Most importantly, it exploded their bank accounts and it can do the same for you. And that’s why I’m absolutely thrilled to have Kate Colbert is our guest on today’s show. If you’re ready to learn how to approach your business like a marketer and if you’re ready to totally transform your business, so:

  • Firstly; your marketing consistently brings high value new clients into your business, and…
  • Secondly; so that they are predisposed to say yes to your recommendations and give you money …

Let’s welcome Kate Colbert onto the show.

CLICK HERE to download the (PDF) transcript of today’s show with Kate Colbert (No Email Required!)

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