REVEALED! How To Use Metaphors To Drive Sales. The World’s Leading Communications and Presentation Expert Anne Miller Unveils Powerful Words That Sell


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Listen To Episode #355 - REVEALED! Words That Sell: How a former schoolteacher became a bestselling author and one of the leading communication and presentation experts in the world. Today you'll discover how to use metaphors to drive sales. Anne Miller and the story of the Tall Lady With The Iceberg

Anne Miller, Author of the Tall Lady With The Iceberg Reveals How To Use Metaphors To Become More Persuasive and Use Metaphors To Drive Sales

Coronavirus has made it tougher than ever to cut through the clutter, be remembered and make more sales. Today, Anne Miller shows you how to become instantly more persuasive and effective using metaphors to make more sales

So, why do you want to learn how to use metaphors to drive sales and become more persuasive? You want to learn this because crashing markets have made it virtually impossible to get attention in the marketplace.

Certainly, that just adds to the “typical” challenges you face daily when trying to sell your products and services.  Prior to the pandemic we routinely faced challenges like:

  1. Firstly, you had to deal with clients getting hung up on one or more objections.
  2. Secondly, clients see you and what you’re selling as being the same as your competitors (i.e., “commoditization”)
  3. Thirdly, you’re not sure why but a lot of your prospects seem to “stall” before you can complete the sale … and
  4. Lastly, you recognize your need to become more engaging and magnetic if you want to make more sales.

As a result, (unless you’re selling N95 Masks) … selling your products and services has become more challenging than ever.  So, if you want to remain in business you’re going to need an additional set of communication and sales skills.

On today’s episode, Anne Miller reveals her most effective methods for making the sales process easy, effective and profitable.  I’m the host (Ken Newhouse) of the Get Clients Now podcast.  And today my job was to convince Miller to reveal her best-kept secrets during the interview.  Certainly, that’s exactly what she’s done today as you’re about to learn how to use metaphors to drive sales.

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Get Clients Now podcast host Ken Newhouse interviews "The Tall Lady With The Iceberg" author Anne Miller where she reveals how to use metaphors to drive sales
Anne Miller's NEWEST Book "The Tall Lady With The Iceberg" Reveals Her Best Strategies For Becoming More Persuasive and Driving Sales

Even If You've Got The Most Amazing Product and/or Service ... Selling In The Coronavirus Recession Can Be Incredibly Difficult. Using Metaphors and Stories In Your Sales Communications Can Help Your Sales Message Become Memorable, Magnetic & Irresistible To Your Perfect Prospects

As I mentioned above, the Coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult than ever to:

  • Achieve top of mind status and relevance in the marketplace
  • Be remembered and stay relevant in your prospects minds
  • And generate sales consistently make things happen.

For most business owners it has become virtually impossible to generate sales because they don’t have high-level communication and sales skills. That is to say that they have never learned how to deliver the sales message in a compelling and effective manner.

Likewise, one of the biggest challenges you’re going to face occurs when you forget that:

  • In spite of all that you know about your business
  • And in light of all your expertise and experience doing what you do …

…it’s often difficult to paint a clear, memorable and compelling mental picture to prospects that you’re pitching. So, if you’re like me you have probably asked yourself this question on more than one occasion:

“What’s the most-effective strategy I can use to deliver a really complex sales message in way that my prospects easily understand? How can I create and deliver a magnetic and irresistible presentation that gets prospects to whip out the credit card and give me money?”

Consequently, over the course of my 21+ years as a direct response internet marketing consultant and copywriter I’ve learned how to craft persuasive communications. And one of the most effective methods I’ve found for achieving that is through using Metaphors and stories in my sales copy and presentations.

Most importantly, today’s episode is a literal “Masterclass” that teaches you how to use metaphors to drive sales. How to use metaphors and stories to become magnetic and irresistible to your perfect prospects.

Using metaphors and stories to become more memorable, magnetic and persuasive will help you stand out in the marketplace and drive more sales

Stories and metaphors speak to the part of the brain where decisions are made.  The decision between you and a competitor hinges on your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count.

On today’s episode you’re going to learn how to use metaphors to drive sales and tell stories to attract more clients. You’re going to learn how to transform your sales communications into mesmerizing, memorable and magnetic sales messages.

Using metaphors to drive sales will make selling fun again and most importantly, help your prospective clients pull the trigger. When you use metaphors to drive sales prospects will come to the buying decision in such a way that they thought it was their idea all along.

On today’s episode with Anne Miller you’re going to learn:

  • How to double your sales skills in only 10 minutes per day. Which is to say you can 2-10X your sales in 30-60 days (if you apply yourself.) Specially, you can use metaphors to drive sales even if you don’t know anything about metaphorically selling or story selling.
  • Get deep inside the mind of your prospects using the power of metaphor and story so you can make sales easier and faster.
  • CUT through the noise and deliver laser targeted sales messages that stick like super glue in your prospect’s subconscious.
  • CREATE your own powerful metaphors and stories using Anne’s 4-step metaphor creation framework. This tool allows you to create a repository of persuasive metaphors and stories you can use again and again when selling. With this framework, you’ll never get caught off-guard by a prospect because you’ll always have the right words.
  • Anne’s 4-step framework allows you to use metaphors to drive sales, build trust and overcome objections.

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