How To Sell Even More Online Using The Irresistible Power of Stories

How To Sell More Online Using The Irresistible Power of Stories

Introducing The Framework That Will Help You Sell EVEN MORE Of Your Stuff Online…MORE Often…And Sell It With Relative Ease…

How To Sell Even More Stuff Online Online Using The Irresistible Power of Stories

 Increased competition and shrinking profits have many small business owners frantically searching for methods that will help them sell more of their products and services online.  

If you’re one of the small business owners entering 2017 facing more competition than ever… the training outlined in this article is going to be perfect for you.

Most small business-owners know that if you can crack the code and successfully sell your stuff online… your business will enjoy a more profitable future… This report is going to give you the blueprint for doing just that.

If you decide to utilize specially-crafted stories designed to help you sell more of your stuff online (and a lot of it)… you can transform your business… and your bottom-line.

After careful analysis of dozens of individuals and companies who are selling a literal ton of their stuff across the internet… I’ve discovered a hidden blueprint that they’re using to crush their competitors.

Over the next few minutes we’re going to review the specifics of this FRAMEWORK which will make creating these kinds of stories for your business as easy as…

Painting by the numbers!

The Framework is called…

The Expert Story Positioning Framework

Here’s a quick peek at the blueprint….

Sell More of your stuff online using the Expert Story Positioning Framework

If you’ll notice… I’ve broken down into six easy to follow steps.

Now before we get started I want to quickly review a few data sets from the research I did to prepare for this video… but first… a question:

What have top-performing companies learned that allows them to sell a ton of products and services online with ease?

To answer that question (and more) let’s dig into the data and discover the hidden strategies they’re using.

Here’s a 2nd question: When you meet someone new, what typically happens?

If you’re like most folks, you’ll ask them questions in the hopes of learning more about them.

Typically, they’ll reciprocate by doing the same.

You try to unearth their story, and to tell your own (or some of it, at least).

In business, the rules don’t really change. Telling your story is not only a critical part of building your brand… it’s paramount if you want to sell more (and more consistently) online.

Telling your story in a powerful, effective manner is not only a critical part of building your brand… it’s paramount if you want to sell more (and more consistently) online.

It helps to shape how people view you and enables consumers to begin forging a connection with your company.

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Do it right, and you’ll put building blocks in place that will allow you to develop a pretty awesome brand with an equally awesome future, a brand that people buy from simply because they love what you do and what you stand for.

Now before I reveal their methods and uncover the secrets of this framework I want to point something out.

If you’re reading this article and you’re thinking, “This won’t work for me because my business is different”, you’re not alone.  However, I want to ask you to stay with me for a few minutes because doing so will result in a huge payoff for you.

Sell more online using the Expert Story Positioning Framework

The companies I researched existed in multiple (i.e., “different”) industries serving totally different markets. If you’re selling higher value products and services online… this framework can work for your business.

Now if you’re thinking, “Yeah, Yeah…I’ve heard the story thing so many times already. I get it.” you’re right. Every marketing blog I’ve ever seen says storytelling is imperative to connecting and selling more to your ideal prospects and customers.


Have any of them ever actually shown you the reasons:

  • Why it works?
  • How it works?
  • And the step-by-step framework you can follow to implement (and benefit from) it in your business quickly and easily?

Not a single one. At least not one that I can find.

So, in the section below I’m going to let you peek behind the curtain where you’ll discover the step-by-step method for how to sell more online using the irresistible power of stories.

I’ll also show you how to create content that consistently sells more.

When consumers begin the process of looking for a solution, they typically encounter a barrage of companies who engage in chest thumping while they chant “Look how awesome we are!” There’s little talk of the customer’s needs, problems or possible solutions, which is a major turnoff to the consumer.

Companies that deliver value to their prospective customers prior to asking for the sale (i.e., “demonstrating you can help them by actually helping them”) establish a ton of goodwill, demonstrate their authority and establish trust with their prospective customers.

The Expert Story Positioning Framework Blueprint

This methodology is called the “demonstration of power” and it makes the process of selling almost effortless delivering consistently higher than average sales ratios.

Of equal importance is the fact that the vast majority of prospects who don’t buy your front end offer (which is roughly 95% of your prospects) walk away knowing that you’re cool… which sets them up to buy from you later.

Now there’s MUCH to be said about the “demonstration of power” framework… but of greatest importance and relevance is that is delivers massive value and goodwill in your marketplace.

I’ll cover this methodology in next week’s post, but suffice it to say that you’ll want to incorporate it simultaneously with the Expert Story Positioning Framework for maximum selling power.

It’s no secret that to attract your ideal prospects… convert them into customers and retain them for a long, long time you’re going to have to capture (and hold) their attention… demonstrate affinity, build trust, establish rapport and create a bond with them.

If you’re selling anything that requires you to dispense advice to your prospects (as most high-value stuff does)… your prospects are going to have to believe your story… (i.e., “who you are… what’s important to you and what you’ve been through) … and if they don’t they’re not going to believe you or buy your stuff.

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Implementing the expert story positioning framework will help you develop your professional personality (i.e., “Your story”)… which tells prospects who you are… how you got there… why you can be trusted and why the BIG Promise your products and/or services makes is their best option.

To sell (a lot of) your stuff consistently online you’re going to have to get your story down and incorporate your persona into everything (i.e., “your copy, your ads, your marketing, your communications, etc.) that you’re doing.

I’ve laid out the framework in a step-by-step format for you below, so let’s get started by examining the individual components of…

The Expert Story Positioning Framework

The sole purpose you have for creating and using a “story” is to demonstrate proof as it relates to the BIG Promise your product and/or service makes to your prospects.

Quite honestly, no one cares about our story unless they can hear, read or watch the story and envision themselves achieving your BIG Promise.

The most-effective genres for story lines are “Us vs Them” and the “Reluctant Hero”. You can use these storylines individually or in combination.  Your story will become even more powerful when you combine these two together.



Almost always the story of an underdog succeeding. The telling of the story is a way to create affinity with your audience and absolving them of any previous guilt as the result of ‘wrong-doing’ (i.e., failures).

The Definition: “We were right, they were wrong all along”. The “we” is you and the customer and the “they” is everyone else… typically your competition or a mutually-despised entity (such as the government, the man, the education system, etc.)

This is purely a “You Can Do It” type story.

How to sell more of your stuff online using the power of stories - introducing the Us versus Them Storyline

A great example of “Us vs. Them” can be seen in the movie, “Braveheart” with Mel Gibson.


Almost always the story of a regular person who lives a life of struggle and setback; reaches the breaking point and makes the decision to “figure it out.”. Goes on a journey, experiences many different things and then BAM! He finds it. Movies like Indiana Jones, Rocky and many others use this story line and the “us vs. them.”

Definition: This story is (in a nut shell) – “I discovered something amazing… people noticed how amazing it was… begged me to show them how I did it… I showed a couple guys how I did it because they wouldn’t leave me alone and now everybody wants me to show them how I did it.”

IMPORTANT: The secret to creating a great EXPERT POSITIONING STORY (i.e., “One that helps transform you into your industry’s/niche’s hero figure” is to consistently demonstrate (throughout your story) your ability to deliver the BIG Promise (that your stuff makes)


“You WERE in “the struggle” but now you’re farther down and the road and you’ve figured it out the solution.” 

Here’s the Big Promise/Expert Story Positioning Framework:

1. The BIG Promise You/Your Stuff Makes To Your Prospects (example: My “XYZ” will help you solve “ABC”)
2. The Struggle
3. The Solution Search
4. Convincing

Before we begin walking through each of these steps, I want to encourage you to craft a truth-based story. No one wants to do business with a dishonest person.  So, if you’re ready let’s get crackin!

The expert story position framework - the BIG promise

The BIG Promise is simply the primary promise your product/service will deliver to the customers who buy/use/implement/apply/etc. it.

The expert story position framework - the struggle


The more you can identify your prospect’s story of struggle and then weave that (i.e., “the types of struggles and challenges they’re facing”) into your story, the greater level of affinity they’ll have with you.

As an example, I’ll briefly review my story because it’s easier and faster.

My Story: The Big Struggle (condensed version)

24 years ago, I was doing very well in practice and decided to buy a 2nd clinic. After purchasing the 2nd clinic everything was great until I was involved in a head-on collision with a dump-truck. As a result of the accident I was close to death so I had to be flown by helicopter to St. Louis University Hospital – 9 days in a coma.

I was unable to work for 9-months and pretty much lost everything. Slowly recovered and went back to practice. I struggled for the next six months feeling sorry for myself (still recovering physically).

NOTE: My story is true and what makes it so effective is that my ideal prospect’s “struggle” can be seen in it. The trials, failures, mini-successes, failure again, etc.

The expert story position framework - the turn

Going back to the research, every one of the businesses who were enjoying phenomenal success selling online employed what I call, “The Expert Turn” in their story. This is called “The Solution Search”

The expert story position framework - the solution search


This is the point in your story where this scenario happens: “I’m down and out… everything was sucking… I couldn’t figure it out and then this happened…”

For the purposes of my example I’ll continue reviewing my story since it’s easier and faster to cover for you.

My Story (Continued): The Search for a Solution

I was getting fed up with feeling sorry for myself and made the decision to make my practice successful again. I attended over a dozen seminars, purchased multiple systems (listening to audios and watching videos over and over again) … and read 50+ books. I experienced some improvement, but not the transformation I wanted.

One Saturday morning I was feeling really frustrated so I got on my bike and started pedaling. Twenty something miles later it hit me. I figured it out and was so excited that I don’t remember the ride home. Over the next 3 months my practice tripled… Over the next year, it doubled again.

A young doctor walked into my office on a Friday morning as I was walking out the door (I was closed on Friday’s and only there to grab something I had forgotten to bring home).

His name was Raj and he asked me if I had a minute. I said “at the most.” He then asked (as he pointed at everything in my office), “How much would you charge me to teach me all this? I said, “I don’t have time and you don’t have enough money.” He said, “How much to spend a day with me teaching me what you know?”

Without thinking, I blurted out “$7,500.00”. He then said (as he reached into his back pocket), “Will you take a check?” Now I’m stuck. I thought I’d get rid of him by asking for that amount but he wrote the check. I spent a day with him and then I didn’t hear from him for about 8-months.

The next time I saw him he was driving a new BMW. He stopped by to tell me that he had more than doubled his practice since I saw him last. Now for some folks this may not be such a big deal… but for those who knew him it was quite shocking. Raj was a short, introverted fellow with coke-bottle glasses and a heavy Indian accent.

He had a reputation for being nothing more than your average Joe. No one would have believed he had achieved this level of success had they not seen it. Three weeks later, he showed up at my office again… this time with two of his friends who wanted my help. I said, “Listen guys… Raj can teach you my system… I don’t have time.”

The literally begged me to help them so I said I would on one condition. I was not going to babysit them. They paid me $10,500 to spend the day with both of them, together. Seven months later, these two were killing it in their practice, which was cool.

It wasn’t long until I got a call from Guy Porter… a financial planner. He had heard what I did for Raj and the other two docs and he wanted me to show him my system. I told him that I was a chiropractor and that my system might not work for him. He refused to accept “no” for an answer so I spent a day with him and his partner. Several months later, he’s making more money than he’s ever made.

Now I don’t remember when the tsunami of calls started, but before I knew what was happening I had dozens of strangers asking me to teach them my system. I even had several of my own patients (who were business owners) asking me to help them.

This was freaking me out… big time!

IMPORTANT: I mentioned earlier that your prospects are in “the struggle” and your story has to be that you WERE in “the struggle” and you’ve been trying to figure this “problem” out for over “X” number of years. You’ve studied all the masters… bought all the training programs… attended all the seminars and one day… “Oh my gosh… the light went on and I figured it out.” In other words… “I’ve done everything you haven’t done yet. I’m farther down the road than you and I’ve finally figured it out.

The expert story position framework - the convincing

4. The “Convincing”

The more “surprised” you can sound in your story when you use it in your marketing, webinars, live presentations, etc. the more believable and more credible you’ll be seen (and you’ll sell more stuff).

My Story – (continued)

I was completely content to have my own (successful) practice and to have my life back. But now, I’ve got all these people calling me and wanting my help so I’m doing it full time. It finally dawned on me that I had stumbled upon something that could help small business owners make their businesses a lot, lot more profitable.

That’s when I decided that I had to share this with as many people as I could. In order to do that, I had to re-work my system so that it was as easy to implement as a paint-by-numbers kit you got when you were a kid. If you can follow simple directions, take action and just add water (figuratively speaking) you’re as good as gold.

I don’t know how long this ride’s gonna last… but when I stop to think about the fact that small business owners and marketers from the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia have been helped by the strategies and tactics in my system… I still can’t believe it.

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen… but it sure is fun!

IMPORTANT: This is what I want to call the “Aw Shucksing It” part of their stories. The story’s main character (in just about every case I looked at) acts genuinely surprised that he figured it out.

Even after selling a ton of stuff and becoming famous the character still uses the “total surprised that this worked” element, which is kind cool.

Your story not only has to demonstrate “your” surprising results… but the surprising results your stuff got for other people.

The expert story position framework - the SECRET revelation

5. My “Secret Revelation”

In this part of your story you reveal your secret revelation… which is that there really is a way to actually accomplish/do/achieve/have all of this (i.e., “achieve your prospect’s big goal/desire.”)

The expert story position framework - My Unique Framework

6. My “Unique Framework”

“Here is the framework I’ve created – Here’s how I’ll break it down for you. I’ll walk you through it and:

• Hold your hand
• Paint by numbers
• Step-by-step
• System
• Process
• Framework
• Fill in the Blank

This language allows your prospects to think, “Oh… you’re going to break this down for me in way that I can follow it? Gee… that’ll make it possible for me to get great results like you. If you didn’t explain to me that you’re going to break this down and make it easy for me I wouldn’t be confident enough to buy your stuff… because you have magic powers but I don’t.”

NOTE: This engenders a GREAT amount of trust and confidence with your prospects.


When crafting your expert positioning story, 40% of your challenge lies in getting your prospects to believe you. You can easily overcome this by demonstrating you can help with by actually helping them.  If they don’t buy your front end offer (which roughly 95% of your prospects won’t)… you want to have a system in place that will allow you to tap into the huge percentage of prospects that said “no.”  By having a system in place to target these individuals you’ll be able to truly say, “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!”

The remaining 60% of your challenge lies in getting your prospects to believe that THEY can use your stuff and get the results. Most prospects who don’t buy your stuff get hung on their (false) belief that, “You can do it Ken because you have Magic Powers… but I don’t have magic powers so I can’t do it.”

If you really want the irresistible power of stories to sell your stuff… you’ve got to get your prospects to believe in themselves.