The Get Clients Now 'Nation' Is 40,000 & Growing!

Who Else Wants To Be The Featured Guest On The Get Clients Now Podcast?

From The Desk Of Ken Newhouse
-Wildwood MO.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in being a featured guest on the Get Clients Now podcast.  The host, Ken Newhouse has interviewed multiple 7 & 8-figure business owners, best-selling authors, celebrities, internet marketers and local business owners over the course of the past 2-years since the show began.

The Get Clients Now 'NATION' Is 40,000+ Strong and Growing, Offering Guests An Enormous Opportunity for Exposure To A Highly-Qualified (Ravenous) Audience of Members, Clients, Subscribers and Fans!

We're excited at the prospect of having you as a featured guest on our show, but there are ground rules that have to be covered prior to your interview.  Building our fan base has taken an enormous amount of work, and our 'NATION' of Fans has come to expect that every episode/series will deliver the equivalent of a $10,000 seminar.

This means that every guest should be prepared to deliver IMMENSE value to our subscribers and fans.  Our guests are not simply given a platform to promote their business, products and services.  So, guests bring lots of value for those listening and in return their business/products/services will be promoted and recommended by Ken (100% free) on the show.

Guests must also have mastery over their topic ... being well-versed and fluent on a given subject.  This doesn't mean that Ken expects you to have "all the answers" ... but (as an example) ... if a guest attempts to read "pre-written answers" and can't speak with ease on their subject ... their interview will be discontinued and the show will not air. 

NOTE:  This has only happened once, but it left such a bad taste that it's important to tell prospective guests upfront that if they have to read their answers or if they're planning on reading a canned pitch or script ... they're not going to make the show.

From time-to-time, Ken will interview a Member of the FunnelTribes community, an existing Client or guest that would like feedback on how to attract more leads and convert them into paying clients, customers and/or patients.  In those instances, Ken will do what's known as a BLUEPRINTING SESSION during the interview ... where he provides the guest with suggestions on how they can improve new business development strategies.

The blueprinting sessions occur for a couple of reasons:

  1. They provide amazing instruction for the 'NATION'
  2. They provide our guests with information that (on average) *produces a minimum of $25,000 in new business over the following 90-days. (*NOTE:  The blueprinting information is free, doesn't require guests to buy anything ... but it's not magic.  The information has to be acted on in order for it to work.

Prior to the interview, Ken will do a 15-minute "pre-interview" discovery call with prospective guests and if both parties feel like the show is a good fit ... the interview will be scheduled.

Interviews are recorded and completed 2-4 weeks prior to airing on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn.  To get maximum exposure and benefit from being on the show, guests should share their show's link on social media and post on their respective websites.

NOTE:  All interviews are used for publication on the Get Clients Now podcast ONLY.  They are never used (in part or in whole) in any other format or on any other platform by Ken Newhouse & Co., LLC. or our team.

If you have additional questions about being a guest on the show, please contact Ken directly or submit your request here.