The Fascination Framework

Get Clients Coming to You with the Fascination Framework

In this article I want to teach you about the greatest presentation framework ever discovered …The Fascination Framework. The Fascination Framework can help you attract more high-quality leads (and more importantly) … help you sell MORE of your products and services.

The Fascination Framework gets prospects COMING TO YOU …ready to become clients (or at the very least) …coming to you very, very interested …in becoming your clients.

So, here’s the thing that we know about selling (expensive) stuff: We have a few general rules that we must follow: (this is especially important if you’re a small business owner; a professional services provider; a consultant; a coach or a sales professional) …

General rule #1:  While you may be doing some (most or all) of your sales process online …you’re going to be (closing) your prospects on the telephone, on Go-To-Meeting (or maybe Skype). But more often than not, you’re going to find yourself in some sort of (LIVE) meeting environment …where it’s (One-on-one) with you and the prospect.

So, generally speaking …there’s going to be a (DEGREE) of human interaction that is required.

Certainly …the higher the price we’re charging for something …the MORE engagement and human interaction (with your prospect) you’re going to have to have.    With that said, however, we need to adhere (very, very) closely to …

General rule #2: Which is …You never, ever, ever, ever, never, ever, ever …want to talk to anyone in a sales environment unless:

  1. They know EXACTLY what you do.
  2. They know EXACTLY how much you charge.   And even more importantly …
  3. They meet your IDEAL Client Criteria.

Everything else in the sales cycle (can) and should be accomplished with (automated) systems. Automated systems that are leading them up to that point. You want to have automated systems that “CREATE” leads that know who you are! They KNOW what you’re charging! They KNOW what ya do!

And they have self-selected themselves and filtered themselves out …by demonstrating that they meet your IDEAL Client criteria.

Otherwise, you’re going to be continually chasing “MAYBE’S” from your prospects. So, if we accept the fact that your “TIME” is your MOST valuable asset …and that your time is the ONLY asset you have (that can never, ever be replaced):

Once we’ve accepted that REALITY, we can get CRYSTAL Clear on the fact that your time MUST be guarded!

General rule #3:  (THIS IS IMPORTANT!)  The (purpose) of the Fascination Framework (Is NOT) to sell your products or services. It is (merely) to “SELL” (and notice the quotes here … understand that we’re not actually going for money when I say “sell”) …but it is (merely) to “sell” the prospect on (having) …a (closing) conversation with you.

Remember …they’re ALREADY “Sold” on the idea that you can help them when you get to this point.  Now if that last sentence throws you completely off and you’re wondering: “How in the world do I get them to that point?” …don’t freak out.

You’ll have a much more clear understanding of how that’s gonna transpire by the time you get to the end of this article.  And, if you’re like most of folks who read my articles …you’ll jump at the chance to learn more about what I’m teaching you.  More on that in a bit.

Let’s continue.

So, what the Fascination Framework does …is it (attracts; prepares and delivers) highly-qualified prospects (who are ready to have that (sales) conversation with you …right into your lap!

By the time they get to you …they are fully aware of what you charge …what you do …and have (FULLY) qualified themselves (as being the type of folks you want as your ideal clients)

OKAY …So that’s what the Fascination Framework does.

So, let’s talk about the Fascination Framework (in greater detail) for a minute.

The Fascination Framework is easy

#1: This is a very simple and straightforward method.

The Fascination Framework is very straightforward

#2:  It is very honest and respectful of your prospect. So, not only are you (NOT) going to be wasting your time …you’re NOT going to be wasting their time either. You’re never going to have the awkward situation where you have to deal with a prospect that’s suffering from ACUTE STICKER SHOCK! (which is lame).

You’re NEVER going to be in that situation where you have to “spring” the price on somebody, or anything like that. This is a sales process that you can advertise. You could say; “Hey, here’s how we get customers.” And you could proudly proclaim it to your entire marketplace. You can be like: “Here’s what my sales process is like” …and you can be confident about it.

By doing that you’d look (really) good because everything about it is very helpful to your prospects. It’s totally “upfront.” There’s NO Shenanigans going on here …which is nice!

The Fascination Framework is low-key and non-stressful

#3:  As a wonderful side benefit it delivers highly qualified leads …who are pre-disposed to do business with you.

It’s important that you understand that a “prospect” is someone who is “potentially” going to do business with you. A “Lead” is different! A “Lead” is someone who says, “Yep, I’m interested! Tell me MORE about what cha got!”

So, the Fascination Framework is delivering those high-quality people directly to you.

Let me walk you through how it works.

So, there are about seven phases in the Fascination Framework …and they’re all vitally important to your success.

Phase #1: Occurs when you offer to help a qualified prospect for FREE.

Phase #2: Occurs as you explain the benefits of that help. The BENEFITS of what you’re actually willing to do for them …(for FREE).

Phase #3: You want to explain “why” you’re doing it! I mean (naturally), your prospects are going to be wondering (WHY?) “Well why would you be willing to help me for free?”

They’re going to have all sorts of reasons “WHY” they think you’re willing to (help them) for free. Most of things they imagine are not going to paint you in a good light.

Because nobody trusts anybody anymore. So, we’re going to be straight up front with them: “Here’s why we’re doing it! …This is how I get clients.”

Well …telling them that is (naturally) going to cause your prospect to be a little concerned. “Oh my gosh …it’s gonna be some (high-pressure) sales pitch! (or whatever)!” So …

Phase #4: Is to ELIMINATE that “Fear!” (Makes sense, right?)

Phase #5: Is to then create “irresponsibility” and “fascination.” By “fascination” I mean “curiosity”. And we create that curiosity through the use of EXTREME risk reversal and elimination (of risk.) So, this is really the MAGIC PART of this offer. Moving on to the next phase we have what is called …

Phase #6: The “Takeaway!” This is where you want to let ‘em know: “Hey, I’m NOT willing to do this for everybody …(OK). You have to meet my IDEAL Client criteria …in order for me to spend my time with you.”

Psychologically …when you’re doing this …you’re making yourself (More) MAGNETIC. Any time you start “taking away” (something …anything) from a prospect their (desire) to have it expands and becomes even greater. OK …now let’s move on to step number seven…

Phase #7:  Is where you “Qualify” them. And MORE specifically: “You (Make) them qualify themselves to you …prior to your (agreeing) to actually talk to them. This (REALLY) is an incredible framework.

So, now let me walk you through it.

What I’m going to do next is give you three (3) different examples of how to perform (every step) in this framework. (Sound fair?)

The first example I’ll give you in each step will be one that I’m just gonna create on the fly …using a fictitious service. And then I’m actually going to give you examples of how I do it in my current professional services business.

I’m going to give you examples of how I used this in video and then I’ll give you examples where I used this specifically in print.

And when I say “in print” …I’m specifically referring to using this framework in sales letters (as in PDF’s) or in web-pages. Non-video “printed-word” examples. Here we go. So …

STEP #1: Is the offer to “help“ for free. So, here’s the (fictitious) example: Let’s say I’m a consultant and I do professional services …or consulting (or whatever) for real estate agents who sell luxury homes …and these folks want to get MORE listings.

That’s what (most) realtors want, right? More listings? Well, what they really want is for someone to come and just give them money, right? But the closest thing they can get to that is to get “listings.”

So, my offer for free help would be:

“Would you like me to give you a plan to double your listings every month for free?”

Now right there we have two things:

  1. We’re successfully making the offer.
  2. We could easily have that as a headline for a “letter” that we sent to a qualified “low-hanging” fruit prospect (right?)

So, this is really, really easy. We’re talking about a single sentence here.

Let me give you an example of how I do the same thing in a VSL.  A Video sales letter making my irresistible fascination proposition for our professional services division. I say:

“I’ve set aside some time to personally design and advanced marketing campaign for you, free.”

There it is. I’m making my (free) offer. I’m making that offer to help them for free. Here’s how I do the same thing in a PDF. And this could be a (PDF) this could be a (web page) …it doesn’t matter.

So here we go.

The headline is:

“Would you like me to build you a custom marketing blueprint …for FREE?”

Can you see how simple all three of these examples are? It is a single sentence …often times used as a (headline).

We could also use this as an opening for an email. We could even use it as an email subject line. Actually, your subject line could say:

“Need Help?”

The (body copy) of your email could say:

“Would you like me to build you a custom marketing blueprint …for free? Write me back if it sounds good.”

By doing this we would immediately be generating interest. (Right?) There are countless ways you could do this. We’ll get to that in another training when I cover campaigns and campaign structures with you.

Let’s continue by talking about …

The BENEFITS of Step #2: Step two is where you want to explain the benefits of the help you’re going to be giving them. (Right?) It’s (NOT) enough to say:

“Hey …do you want some help?”

We have to SELL IT! Even though we’re genuinely willing to help these people for free (which is it’s an INCREDIBLY GENEROUS OFFER to begin with) …We still have to work (hard) to sell our prospects on the idea of “free help with no-strings-attached.”

Why is giving away your help for free a bit of a challenge?

Because we live in an unprecedented time in history where people are tired of getting screwed! So, in response to this reality people are (naturally) skeptical. This is the NEW normal. They’re also bombarded with other stuff and their attention is being diverted constantly.

So, here’s how we do it with our Realtor example. I would say:

I’m happy to help you design a custom marketing plan for your territory, identify your perfect target market of prospective home sellers, and show you how to have them coming to you asking you to sell their houses for them.”

This way, you’ll be able to get more listings …without having to talk to “tire kickers” or unrealistic people …who want to waste your time.”


I’m explaining the benefits of that help. For the video example I can’t really show you a (screen shot).

So, in this case I’ve included a link to a little excerpt from my video where I do the same thing.

OK …here we go. Click the video below to watch the (brief) demonstration.


So, you can see that that was pretty simple, (Right?) I just talked about: “Hey …here’s what I’m gonna do for you. Here are the (benefits) of that help.”

In the intro to that video …I showed them the blueprints and stuff. This is a really cool process (by the way) that I cover in my Advanced Marketing and Automation webinar.

It’s no longer available to the general public, but I’m running a marketing test this month and during that time you can go here to watch it. It’s 100% free, so you can watch it and apply these strategies quickly (like “the same day”) in your business …which is cool.

OK! So, that’s how we use the Fascination Framework in video.

Next …I’ve included a short video of me reviewing how to use this in your copy (i.e., “PDF’s” and “web pages”).

The letter I review in the video is where I offer to create a free (custom) marketing blueprint for your business.

You can watch it below by clicking on the video (It’s 2-minutes long).


Well …you’ve read the article to this point and you’ve read about how the Fascination Framework can really benefit your business. If you’ve enjoyed this article (and the video examples) and you’d like to learn more about how you can implement this framework in your business …

I’ve created a FREE Training that covers all seven (7) phases of the Fascination Framework in great detail.

The name of the webinar is “The Fascination Framework” and if you’d like to access the (free) training so you can implement this in your business …and start selling more of your products and services …and enjoying the process in a more relaxed “Cool” environment (for you and your prospects).

Go here to register.


Talk soon,

Ken Newhouse