The Pistévo Technique

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Direct Response Copywriting and Marketing Strategies of the Greats Revealed in the Newhouse Notables #1 - Pistevo Technique

The Pistévo Technique

Stand for Something (with Integrity)… and You’ll Never Stand Alone.Ken Newhouse - Principal of Newhouse & Co., and author of Newhouse Notables

Dear Small Business Owner & Marketer;

My name is Ken Newhouse and I want to welcome to your first issue of Newhouse Notables, a series of articles about how to boost the response to your
internet marketing, small business and advertising efforts… online and off.

Past president of ITT (the late) Harold S. Geneen said: “In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.” Great advice for this series of articles.

The marketing and copywriting secrets I’ll be sharing with you were revealed to me by several of the world’s greatest marketing, advertising and copywriting legends the world has ever known. So in this first Notable, I’d like to a share some of my core beliefs about what it takes to write copy and create advertising and marketing that consistently drive sales and increases profits… then you can see if they match yours.

Newhouse Notables - Core Beliefs


Core Advertising Belief #1: You’re in business to make a profit… on purpose. And as such, the primary purpose of every advertisement and/or marketing campaign or strategy is to sell products and/or services. I do not believe that advertising should be created with the intention of winning awards, approval or applause.  

Why?  Because you can’t deposit an award into your business bank account.

As a result, in each Notable I share with you I will reveal a little-known secret of master salesmanship. Additionally… the type of advertising and marketing I will teach you is known as direct response marketing.

Core Advertising Belief #2: Data (even in limited quantities) is worth more than a hundred opinions. That’s why these Notables are based not on opinions, but proven strategies used by several of the world’s greatest copywriters… by myself and my clients as the result of investing tens of millions of dollars in scientific direct response tests (no guesswork here).

Core Advertising Belief #3: Sell your products/services with integrity… or don’t sell at all. The strongest, most profitable ads and marketing strategies tell the truth dramatically. Never lie, exaggerate, shortchange your customers, sully your good name or do shoddy work.

I once heard a man say that if you “Treat your customers by the Golden Rule… they will consistently reward you with more gold.”

Core Advertising Belief #4: I believe in you, in the tremendous untapped power of your mind to achieve anything you truly desire and believe, and your ability to create advertising and marketing that generates sales. I believe in your pursuit of success – as long as you’re not taking advantage and/or hurting others in the process. 

So in these Notables, I will serve up bite-sized secrets of great direct response marketing and copywriting, powdered with some Magic Fairy Dust, little tips for unlocking your own creativity, productivity and talent to achieve your greatest potential.  These secrets can (and should) be applied to every aspect of your digital marketing, direct mail, print advertising and online/offline marketing strategy so that you’ll realize their amazing power to generate profit for your business.

Every Member of our Platinum Coaching Program and the vast majority of our Clients invariably share these four beliefs and if you do as well, suffice it to say that I am exceedingly happy we have found each other. Great minds as they say… think alike so I guess that makes us, marketing comrades. Which leads me to:

Notable #1: When writing advertising and marketing copy… especially when you write a Letter of Introduction to a prospective client, never be afraid to say Newhouse Notables #1 copy with clarity and boldness precisely what you believe in just as importantly… what your strengths and special skill sets are.

“Boldness”, is not bragging… it’s more like evangelizing. If you really do have the goods… you have a responsibility to let people know about it.

The Pistévo Technique. I call this the Pistévo Technique. Pistévo is Greek for “I believe.” But it is much more than a technique. It is an expression of your most strongly held core values which serve as a clarion call to gather the like-minded faithful of your marketplace.

You’ll find that when you clearly stand for something with integrity, you will never stand alone. Indeed, standing for something special in your overcrowded marketplace in 2016 will set you apart from the hordes of me-too competitors who try to be everything to everybody, and wind up meaning nothing special to anyone.

Using the Pistévo Technique is the surest way I know to attract and bond with other like-minded individuals, your true believers, your most loyal comrades in arms, your best clients and friends, as I hope I have found in you.

Dedicated to Increasing Your Sales and Profit…



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4 comments on “The Pistévo Technique

  1. Scott McWeldon says:

    Hey Ken,

    I liked what you said about “Being Bold”… but not “Bragging”. I’m still amazed at the number of people who use lame advertising and copywriting techniques where they brag continually.

    I like how your site makes claims, but backs it up with video testimonials from dozens of your clients. Thanks for the first “Newhouse Notable”… I’m looking forward to reading more in the series.

    Shoot me an email this week… I’d like to ask you a few questions about your coaching program.



    1. KenNewhouse says:

      Hey Scott!

      I agree that the majority of marketing “experts” online do little more than brag. Their content is also typically nothing more than a rehash of what someone else already produced. No doubt, it’s hard to produce fresh content when there’s millions of people online sharing their opinions and instruction… but I find that many are simply lazy and lack originality.

      I’ll have Lisa contact you regarding our coaching program later today. Thanks again for the compliments and the feedback.

      Dedicated to Multiplying Your Sales & Profits…


  2. Julie Bantle says:

    Hi Ken…

    I just came across your blog and after reading this post I’ve come to the conclusion that you really do want your readers to benefit from your posts. This is quality information and as you mentioned in an earlier post… I can see why other top copywriters don’t agree with you sharing this information to the general public.

    Having said that, I do want to note a point of disagreement that I have with you. Your Core Belief #1 starts off by saying “You’re in business to make a profit… on purpose”…

    I do a lot of work for the National Kidney Foundation and not all businesses are focused on making money. I understand that you’ve got to “keep the lights on” as they say… but there are a few of us out here who are inspired by the cause we work for… and not simply making more money.

    I appreciate your efforts and thanks again for the quality content.

    Julie Bantle

    1. KenNewhouse says:

      Hey Julie…

      Thanks for the feedback. I understand that everyone in business isn’t only interested in making more money… but the vast majority of them are. I operate from the belief that few business owners and managers have access to powerful, explosively effective information that can help them transform their marketing and advertising and as such…their business.

      I’m of the opinion that a business owner should make as much money as they want as long as they provide value to their customers and clients and don’t take advantage of others. Speaking for myself, I’ve learned that the more money my wife and I make the more we can help support efforts of our church, specific charities we feel passionate about and to help individuals and families that may have an unforeseen need.

      If a business owner is providing value for value (i.e., “Product/service in exchange for payment from customers/clients”)… I think that’s great. I’m dedicated to helping our Clients, Members and Readers of our articles to increase their sales and profit and I do that by providing information and instruction that they’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

      I say that matter-of-factly… not bragging. Anyone who reads the content I produce will agree with that statement.

      Thanks again for your feedback. It’s an investment of your time and I appreciate the fact that you shared your opinions with me.

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